Doctor of Nursing Practice - Curriculum and Course Description



The DNP curriculum is based upon the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice. The DNP curriculum will comply with accreditation standards set by the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) which ensures the quality and integrity of baccalaureate and graduate programs in Nursing.

Summer Y1

NURS 7310 Philosophical and Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice (3 credits)

HSC 6330 Bio-statistics for Public Health or PSYC 6330 Advanced Psychological Statistics (3 credits)

Fall Y1

NURS 7330 Advanced Healthcare Informatics (3 credits)

NURS 7320 Health Economics and Finance (3 credits)

Spring Y1

NURS 7340 Leadership and Organizational Systems (3 credits)

NURS 7350 Translational Research Methods (3 credits)

Summer Y2

NURS 7360 Population Health and Public Policy (3 credits)                                                                                   

NURS 7370 Applied Clinical Genetics and Genomics (3 credits)

Fall Y2

NURS 7410 Clinical Internship I (4 credits)                                                                                                         

NURS 7220 DNP Capstone Project I (2 credits)

Spring Y2

NURS 7415 Clinical Internship II (4 credits)

NURS 7225 DNP Capstone Project II (2 credits)

Course Descriptions

NURS 7310 Philosophical and Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice: Presents philosophical, theoretical, and ethical perspectives and foundations of the discipline. Advanced nursing practice will be studied in the context of complex clinical, business, legal, ethical, and system issues that confront individual recipients of care, populations, health care professionals, organizations, and society.

PSYC 6330 Advanced Psychological Statistics: Provides an overview of statistics, focusing on how to conduct and interpret various statistical tests. Descriptive and inferential statistics are covered.

NURS 7320 Health Economics and Finance: Address economic theory, market drivers and restraints, health care finance and reimbursement, cost/benefit analysis and health care entrepreneurism. Explores equity and justice in health care. Integrated throughout this course is the application of health economic theories. Focus in on the role of the DNP within the contemporary healthcare environment.

NURS 7330 Advanced Healthcare Informatics: Presents an overview of informatics, the transformation of data into information, knowledge, decisions and actions to improve outcomes. In addition, students will be prepared to use available technology to present, interpret, and organize data. Prerequisites:

NURS 7340 Leadership and Organizational Systems: Explores critical topics in organizational and systems leadership that emphasizes intra and interprofessional collaboration, and the opportunity for nursing innovation to transform service delivery, improve health outcomes and ensure quality and safety. Leadership, management and communication strategies to move interdisciplinary groups toward common goals and objectives will be examined.

NURS 7350 Translational Research Methods: Explores the science of research translation. Emphasis is on analysis, evaluation, and use of evidence. Students will examine methods to promote the systematic uptake of science into routine practice to improve quality and effectiveness of health care.

NURS 7360 Population Health and Public Policy: Uses a synthesis of public health theory, epidemiology, theories of health promotion, and nursing theory to enable students to identify health concerns and promote health and wellness. The impact of current practices, policies, and laws on community health will be addressed. Issues in population health over the lifespan will be explored, such as environmental health, emerging infectious diseases, vulnerable populations, chronic illness, and global health care.

NURS 7370 Applied Clinical Genetics and Genomics: Provides students with the information and resources necessary to incorporate a genetic focus into clinical practice; basic genetic science/ molecular concepts, the ethical and social implications of genetic information, commonly used genetic tests, genetic history taking, and pedigree construction; and will become experienced in the use of professional and client-based resources to support evidence based health care and life-long learning in applied human genetics and genomics.

NURS 7220 DNP Capstone Project I: The first capstone course implements principles of evidence-based practice and translational science to improve clinical outcomes, clinical practice, or health care policy through the preparation for a clinical capstone project. Emphasis is on refinement of the problem statement, review of the literature and a preliminary description of the project, including a theoretical/conceptual framework.

NURS 7410 Clinical Internship I: This is the first of the two precept internship courses. Emphasis will be on evidence based practice and the application of research into practice. This immersion experience provides the framework for the DNP Capstone project. The student will complete 270 clinical hours.

NURS 7225 DNP Capstone Project II: In this second DNP capstone course, the student will partner with a health system or agency to implement the proposed project. The student will complete and disseminate the DNP project, working in conjunction with an agency preceptor and faculty.

NURS 7415 Clinical Internship II: This is the second of the two precept internship courses. The emphasis is on transformational leadership in the practice setting to deliver advanced nursing services to individuals, families, populations, communities, or systems. Building upon formative coursework, students are expected to synthesize theoretical, empirical, and clinical knowledge to implement and evaluate the DNP Capstone project. The student will complete 270 clinical hours.


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