Stem Education Seminar

The Stem Education Seminar is a cross-disciplinary seminar that encompasses all of the STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Both students and faculty are encouraged to come!


Below is the archive of talks at the STEM education seminar.


11/7/2017Ms. Kayla Waters Eye-Tracking and Student Reasoning about Rates of Change
10/3/2017Dr. Andrew MasonIntroductory Physics Considerations for Different Life Science MajorsAbstract
9/12/2017Dr. Jason Martin with Katie BurdenWhat Might Students See When Viewing Interactive Graphs? The Case of Jeremy and Integrals.Abstract
4/9/2015Dr. Jason Martin and Undergraduate Researchers, Cyrus Koch, Sarah Zimmerman and
Katie Burden.
Interactive Images to Support the Formation of Conceptual Models in Calculus.Abstract
3/12/2015Dr. Andrew MasonPedagogical Considerations for Non‐Physics Science Majors: Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Learning Problem Solving.Abstract
2/12/2015Dr. Linda Griffith and Undergraduate Researcher Jamie MullinsDeveloping and Field Testing Three Act Mathematics Modeling Task for K-5.Abstract
11/11/2014Dr. Umadevi GarimellaDesigning Professional Development for STEM Teachers.Abstract
10/14/2014Dr. Linda Griffith and Dr. Jean McGeheeFrom Arkansas Frameworks to Common Core; From Benchmarks to ARCCAbstract
9/9/2014Dr. Jason MartinAn approximation framework for calculus instruction: Addressing accessibility and supporting conceptual gains.Abstract
4/21/2014Dr. Andrew MasonCooperative Physics Problem Solving: Expectations and Cognition for Non- Physics Science Majors.Abstract
4/4/2014Dr. Matthew ThomasAnalyzing Interactively-Engaged Instruction and Conceptual Gains in Introductory Calculus.Abstract