Don’t Be A Dum-Dum!

Officers of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) UCA affiliate at UCA want YOU to know YOU are welcome to come to AAFCS meetings this semester. They have an action packed plan for this year and you don’t want to miss out on great friends, worthwhile experience, and tons of fun! The schedule is below. They would also like to remind you that NOT joining AAFCS @ UCA is a DUM thing to do.

AAFCS Meetings                   

Welcome Back to School!

Students are returning to school, the weather is changing, football season is starting…… big changes are happening. See below for what is current in FACS.

Elizabeth Skinner

Elizabeth Skinner

  • Elizabeth Skinner, BA, MA, MS, MAT has accepted a teaching appointment with the Bentonville School District. Mrs. Skinner was an Administrative Assistant in FACS for 8 years and will be teaching Human Relations courses, beginning this fall. Mrs. Skinner is a summer 2012 graduate of the UCA Department of Family & Consumer Sciences, a spring 2016 graduate of the UCA Masters of Arts in Teaching program, and a summer 1997 graduate of the UCA Department of English. She also is a 2002 graduate from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville with a Masters in Drama.




  • Tara Francis started August 1st as our new Administrative Assistant. Tara comes to us from Arizona where she worked as a Special Education
    Tara Francis and Family

    Tara Francis and Family

    teacher. She is married and has two wonderful children. They all enjoy spending time with their family and friends, going to church, and playing anything outside. Both of Tara’s children have started school this year and, while she loves teaching, she has the desire to further her own education while joining our FACS family here at UCA.



Please join us in congratulating Elizabeth on her new adventure in life and welcoming Tara to UCA FACS.

If you have new and noteworthy news, please let us know. We LOVE to hear from alumni and will gladly post your great news on the blog. Best of luck to all this school year!

FACS Dietetic Intern 1st to Receive APHA Book Scholarship

Anni Fuenmayor and Kayla Fuller

Anni Fuenmayor and Kayla Fuller

On August 5th Anni Fuenmayor, UCA Dietetic Intern, was awarded a Book Scholarship from the Arkansas Public Health Association (APHA) Nutrition Section.

According to Anni, “This Book Scholarship will help me tremendously with my book expenses as I am paying for my Dietetic Internship without any financial aid help. Getting this scholarship means that I can stress less about money and focus on my grades. I am so grateful to have been awarded this  scholarship.”

Anni and the entire FACS Department would like to say THANK YOU to Ms. Kayla Fuller and her team at APHA for helping dietetic interns as well as supporting our future.

Scholarships like this are tremendously valuable to our students and there are several within FACS that still need to be completely endowed. Check out our Scholarships page for more information.

Dietetic Interns Host School Nutrition Conference

Employees of the food service department at Conway Public Schools are required to have 10 hours of continuing education training each year and their director, Mrs. Sharon Burgess, hosts an annual conference for her employees in order to meet these requirements. This year the conference was organized by the UCA Dietetic Interns and featured an exposition of new products and equipment. During the day and a half conference, the interns presented on a wide variety of topics including civil rights, food safety, farm-to-school, smart snacks, and social media. Employees were also able to practice knife cutting skills while they learned how to cut a watermelon. By managing everything from the catering to compiling a booklet with over 45 handouts, the interns developed professionally and gained valuable experience. With the guidance of Mrs. Burgess, Conway Public Schools are unveiling a number of new services this upcoming school year such as flavor stations (where children can add no salt added seasonings to their food) and the ability to order cold sandwiches online at the high school. The interns are very grateful for the opportunity to host this conference and are looking forward to the many great things Mrs. Burgess has in store.Picture1


Your support of family and consumer sciences education through the #SayYestoFCS social media campaign is vital. If you participated last month, thank you for taking action! To date, the cumulative reach through social media is OVER 500,000yes, more than half a million!
The social media campaign, “Making a Difference Through Family & Consumer Sciences,” highlights a different theme and strategies that can be carried out through family and consumer sciences education each month, all focused on recognizing the importance of both family and consumer sciences educators and programs. AAFCS wants to engage family and consumer sciences professionals, advocates, and ESPECIALLY program participants who will reach out to their respective social media networks–therefore reaching other prospective family and consumer sciences educators!
Join UCA AAFCS each month this semester to #SayYestoFCS!

Dietetic Interns Earn Service of Excellence Pin

UCA dietetic interns (from left) Taylor Sherrill, Anni Fuenmayor, and Helena Van together collaborated with Conway Regional Health System’s (CRHS) Nutrition & Foodservice Director, Scott Whitehurst, in building raised beds for the hospital’s newly implemented garden. The vegetables and herbs grown in the garden will be used and served in the hospital’s cafeteria in order to provide fresh and locally grown produce to customers. In recognition for their dedicated work at CRHS where they spent six weeks of their foodservice rotation, Taylor, Anni, and Helena received CRHS’s Service of Excellence pin.

Taylor Sherrill, Helena Van, and Anni Fuenmayor

Taylor Sherrill, Helena Van, and Anni Fuenmayor

Scott Whitehurst, Taylor Sherrill, Anni Fuenmayor, and Helena Van

Scott Whitehurst, Taylor Sherrill, Anni Fuenmayor, and Helena Van

Opportunity to Endow a Scholarship

School Nutrition Association Poster Presentation

Recently, Dr. Landry presented her research in school nutrition at the Annual Nutrition Conference of the School Nutrition Association. Her presentation was titled “Determining Fruit and Vegetable Preparation Preferences of Students to Inform School Lunch Menu Development”. Dr. Landry is an Assistant Professor in FACS and continues her research agenda focusing on National School Lunch Programs and Farm to School. She is the College Section Chair for the School Nutrition Association and leads efforts to identify trends and conduct research to educate school nutrition professionals.

2016 School Nutrition Association, Annual Nutrition Conference

2016 School Nutrition Association, Annual Nutrition Conference

New Scholarship Announced

Food Expo


Matcha Lemon Cookies – Torria Brixey


Karla Venturas


Crumble Muffins with Muscadine Wine Glaze – Samantha Cole


Lemon Goat Cheese Cheesecake – Corrinne deOrbezego


Sorghum Bars and Marshmallows – Angela DiTullio


Chocolate Chip Crispy Rice Cookies – Lauren Kara


Tomato Jam – Raquel Gonzalez

Spicy Chicken - Tracie Herring

Spicy Chicken – Tracie Herring


Guests Taste Testing


Guests Taste Testing











All semester long students enrolled in Experimental Foods learned about different food properties and how to develop recipes. The Expo was an opportunity for them to showcase a recipe they developed using local products. The students dedicated a lot of time and work into their new products and it resulted in a fantastic, tasty event!