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Welcome to the Family & Consumer Sciences Department! I’m so excited that you’re here to learn more about our Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences whether you’re exploring an on-campus experience with our face-to-face or hybrid traditional program or joining us for the exciting opportunity of a fully online program through UCA Online. To learn more about FCS, please explore below. For more information about the fully online program, visit: 

Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences (BS-FCS)

 The primary purpose of the Bachelor of Sciences in Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) degree is to prepare graduates to work in areas of education at the secondary, University, and in community education. Graduates are also prepared to work in areas of non-profit, human services, child development, consumer affairs, and a variety of other programs or services. Graduates are also able to enter graduate programs in a variety of fields. 


The mission of the Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences (BS-FCS) Program at the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) is to:

Develop FCS Professionals who provide holistic solutions to challenges diverse individuals and families face across the lifespan. Graduates are prepared to apply discipline-specific knowledge and skills as they foster healthy relationships among individuals, families, and communities, and the environment in which they function.



  • Graduates shall possess effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Graduates shall possess effective collaboration skills.
  • Graduates shall possess awareness of the FCS Body of Knowledge Model.

In the BS-FCS program, faculty are dedicated to enhancing the relationships among individuals, families, and communities and the environments in which they function, the FCS profession takes leadership in:

  • improving individual, family, and community well-being;
  • impacting the development, delivery, and evaluation of consumer goods and services;
  • influencing the creation of policy; and
  • shaping societal change, thereby enhancing the human condition.

FCS is concerned with:

  • the strength and vitality of families;
  • the development and use of personal, social, and material resources to meet human needs; the physical, psychosocial, economic, and aesthetic well-being of individuals and families;
  • the role of individuals and families and consumers of goods and services;
  • the development of home and community environments that are supportive of individuals and families;
  • the design, use of, and access to current and emerging technologies; the analysis, development, and implementation of policies that support individuals, families, and communities


Students who are pursuing the BS-FCS degree will use the following checklists:






Graduates are able to work in a wide variety of careers which might include:

  • Administrators and managers in various settings
  • Human service professionals
  • Educators in childhood, secondary, university/college, or Cooperative Extension
  • Community settings such as WIC, CASA, United Way, or Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Wellness and adult education centers
  • Financial education and consumer affairs


All students in the BS in FCS program are required to comply with the BS-FCS Student Handbook


The following links and brochures may provide additional information that students may find helpful.


If you are interested in becoming a FCS major, please contact Rebekah Luong, FCS Program Director at and provide your name, student ID (if current or former UCA student), and transcripts from other universities if applicable.

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