Faculty Resources

Online Training: Accommodating Students with Disabilities

This course covers the fundamentals of disability law, the accommodation process, working with students with disabilities, and universal design. Please contact the DRC for login instructions.


Testing Info for Faculty

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) recognizes that tests have been carefully developed by UCA faculty.  As participants in the testing process, office personnel respect instructor’s security concerns and make every effort to ensure that academic integrity is maintained.

Measures to ensure the security of your tests include the development and implementation of strict policies for test handling and execution, individualized discussion with faculty regarding how the test will arrive at the DRC and returned,   and the immediate placement of tests in a locked file upon arrival.  We have also developed a mandatory training program for those hired to administer tests.

“Test”, as used in this context, refers to quizzes and examinations taken during the semester in conjunction with an academic class.  When tests or quizzes are to be administered by the DRC, the student must contact the DRC in order to schedule the test.  Tests must be taken during the regular class time unless an alternate time is approved by the instructor.

As the instructor, you are to determine the method of test delivery that you are most comfortable with.  Tests may be delivered in a sealed envelope by the student, the professor/instructor, or department designee.  Your name, return address, phone number, the student’s name, course title, test date and time of class must be written on the front of the envelope. Any special instructions can be placed in the envelope. Tests cannot be mailed or faxed.  Tests may be returned by the DRC staff, or picked up by the professor/instructor or department designee.  Please be advised that the DRC will not fax or mail completed tests.

In the event that a student should miss a scheduled test, the student must reschedule the test within 48 hours of the original test time.  Instructors will be informed of student no shows, late arrivals or if the DRC staff witnesses/suspects academic dishonesty.

Thank you for your assistance in providing accommodations for our students with disabilities.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Amanda Foreman via email, or telephone at: 450-3613.


Notetaker Information for Faculty

The Disability Resource Center (DRC)  recognizes that the way in which students process information and record notes varies based on ability level. If students have been granted a notetaker by the DRC, a sperate notetaker announcement will be included with their accommodation letters.

Faculty can either choose to take the notetaker request and ask for a volunteer from the class to fill out the form  or pass the notetaker announcement form around the classroom and have those interested sign the form.  There is no identifying information on the form.

If faculty members have more than 1 student volunteer, select 1 of the volunteers and ask them to bring the completed form to the Disability Resource Center (Student Health Building- Suite 212) and we will give them a carbon paper notebook for them to take notes in.

Students receiving the notes can retrieve them in one of three ways:

1) Students can get the notes by directly picking them up from the notetaker. If this is the case, faculty should discretely introduce the student to the notetaker after class and allow them to make arrangements as to how and when notes will be delivered.

2) Students can retrieve notes from the faculty member during office hours. If students elect this option, the notetaker will bring the faculty member the notes from that day and the student is responsible for stopping by the faculty’s office hours to retrieve the notes.

3) Students can retrieve notes from the Disability Resource Center. If students elect this option, the notetaker would bring the notes to the DRC (Student Health Building- Suite 212) and the student would be responsible for coming to our office to retrieve their notes.