How to Work a Career Fair

How to Work A Career Fair!!!



  • Do dress professionally.
  • Do greet the person with a firm handshake and maintain eye contact.
  • Do develop good questions to ask before entering the fair. “What is a typical day like?” “Could you describe the ideal candidate?”
  • Do have a sense of humor and be personable. Talk conversationally with recruiters.
  • Do inquire about obtaining further information.
  • Do “Close the Deal.” Take a business card so that you can follow up with a Thank You card.
  • Do stand alone and be independent.
  • Do have an open mind. Approach lesser companies to discover their potential.
  • Do research companies beforehand.



  • Don't be afraid of the recruiter. They want to meet qualified candidates.
  • Don't pretend that you are interested when you are not.
  • Don't overstate your abilities--you might end up with a job that you can not do.
  • Don't ask about salary or complain about previous bosses.
  • Don't monopolize the recruiter's time.
  • Don't just put your resume in a pile. Take time to market yourself.