Work-Study – Family and Consumer Sciences

Location: McAlister Hall 100
Job Title: Student Worker
Pay Rate: TBD [Read more…]

Work-Study – Institutional Diversity & Inclusion

Location: Bernard Hall 207
Job Title: Student Worker
Pay Rate: $9.50/hr [Read more…]

Research Associate – Arkansas Center for Research in Economics

Location:  Conway, AR
Job Title:  Research Associate
Annual Salary:  $38,210-$60,000
[Read more…]

Work-Study – Student Support and Resource Center

Location: Student Health Center 306
Job Title: Student Worker/Front Desk Worker
Pay Rate $8.50/hr
[Read more…]

Work-Study – Torreyson Library

Location: Torreyson Library
Job Title: Student Worker
Pay Rate: $8.50/hr [Read more…]

Work-Study – Athletic Department

Location: Bear Hall, 4th floor
Job Title: Game Day Operations Student Worker
Pay Rate: $8.50/hour [Read more…]

Graduate Assistant – Occupational Therapy

Location: UCA Occupational Therapy Department
Job Title: Graduate Assistant
Pay Rate: The graduate assistant will work 10 hours a week earning $11.00 an hour

[Read more…]

Graduate Assistant – Center for Writing and Communication

Location: UCA
Job Title: Graduate Assistant
Compensation: $9,300 per academic year (or $4,650 per semester). Additional professional development opportunities and/or funds for regional/national conferences may be available. [Read more…]

Work Study – Admissions and Enrollment Services

Location: Bernard Hall, 103
Job Title: Student Worker
Pay Rate: $8.50/hr [Read more…]