Practice Analytics Data Entry Specialist – MedEvolve, Inc.

Location: Little Rock
Job Title: Practice Analytics Data Entry Specialist
Pay Rate: Negotiable [Read more…]

Eligibility Processing Clerk – Stepka and Associates

Location: Little Rock
Job Title: Eligibility Processing Clerk
Pay Rate: $10-15/hour
[Read more…]

Operational Excellence and Food Safety – Steritech

Location: Memphis area
Job Title: Specialist: Operational Excellence and Food Safety
Annual Salary: $38-42K [Read more…]

Popcortier – The PopPop Shoppe

Location: 12800 Chenal Pkwy ste. 7, Little Rock, AR 72211
Job Title: Popcortier
Pay Rate: Minimum wage [Read more…]

Certified Lifeguard – Twin Lakes Home Association

Location: Little Rock, AR
Job Title: Certified Lifeguard
Pay Rate: $20.00/hour [Read more…]

Payroll Coordinator – Bank of England

Location: Little Rock, AR

Job Title: Payroll Coordinator

Salary: $34,000 to $40,000 (DOE) [Read more…]

Marketing Coordinator/Graphic Designer – Flake & Kelley Commercial

Location: Little Rock, AR
Job Title: Marketing Coordinator/Graphic Designer
Annual Salary: Salary is negotiable – Generous benefits package offered [Read more…]

Customer Service Representative – Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield

Location: Little Rock, AR
Job Title: Customer Service Representative
Salary: $33,134.40

[Read more…]

Admissions Representative – Access Schools

Location: 10618 Breckenridge Dr., Little Rock, AR 72212
Job Title: Admissions Representative
Salary: Paid [Read more…]

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee – Internship

Job Location: Little Rock, AR
Job Title: Fall/Spring Intern (Mid-August 2018 – Mid-May 2019)
Pay: Wages will be commensurate with experience (15-20 hours/week) [Read more…]