Career Planning Assessment Tool

Career Planning Assessment Tool


What is it?

Career Services offers access to a free, self-guided, computer-based career exploration program. It can be a valuable tool in helping one determine what type of career would be right for him/her and what career that person would enjoy. The program will offer you the option to print a summary of your results and explorations.

How long does the assessment take?

The assessment is divided into individual sections which can be completed in separate sessions or in one session. The entire assessment usually takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

Once you have completed this career self-assessment analysis, you can print and use this data to help you determine a major and career track. Take time to explore the many links and resources available within the program. If you have more questions or would like to talk to a counselor about your results, simply ask our front desk to make an appointment with one of our counselors.

How do I take the assessment?

Visit the Career Services office in Bernard Hall, Room 311, to take the assessment.  Our office phone number is 501-450-3134.