Taxi Regulations Take Consumers for a Costly Ride

By Caleb Taylor Why do local governments make new taxi companies prove they won’t take profits away from their competition? Does this kind of regulation, requiring what’s called a “Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity” (CPCN) serve the public or just current taxi businesses? That’s what former ACRE Undergraduate Research Fellow Colton Johnson and UCA […]

Where Does Arkansas Rank In Occupational Licensing?

Dr. Dick Carpenter spoke to UCA students at the College of Business Auditorium in Conway on November 16 about how Arkansas’s occupational licensing laws compared to the rest of the nation. Carpenter is a director of strategic research for the Institute for Justice (IJ), a nonprofit public interest law firm. He is the co-author of […]

Dr. Snyder Discusses Occupational Licensing In Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Op-Ed

By Caleb Taylor ACRE Scholar and UCA Associate Professor of Economics Dr. Thomas Snyder discussed occupational licensing burdens in Arkansas and its surrounding states in an op-ed published on December 28 in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. In his op-ed, Snyder references a study released on November 13 entitled “License to Work: A National Study of Burdens […]

Occupational Licensing in Arkansas

By Alexandria Tatem A recent policy brief by the Mercatus Center highlighted Arkansas’s excessive occupational licensing policy. When the state government imposes licensing requirements on an occupation, it means a worker must get permission from the state before practicing that profession. The worker typically has to have a minimum level of education and experience, pass exams, […]

Understanding Why Firms Hire: Minimum Wage Debate

Highly profitable companies pay some of their workers only the minimum wage. Some politicians and activists, along with the President, want to raise this wage. Arguing that it is unfair for workers to make so little, the President wants to raise the minimum wage for all workers to $10.10. Unfortunately, the President doesn’t understand how […]

Stimulate Job Creation and Economic Development While Preserving Health and Safety Standards HB-1158

By Dr. David Mitchell Occupational licensing is an expensive legal requirement that must be met before people have the right to work. It includes education, experience, and testing, all of which is expensive. We say Arkansas is a right to work state, but it is not. Arkansas has more occupational licensing than any of its […]

Protecting the Public through Contracting Licensure: A Tale of Three Homes

Bill Johnson, an Arkansan, has decided that he wants to build a new house. He has three options to complete construction: Option #1 Bill can build his own house. Along the way, however, Bill finds that doing everything himself is taking too long and is inefficient. Bill’s neighbor, Jim, built a nice house that Bill […]