Campus Success Initiatives

The University of Central Arkansas sees your success in achieving your academic and personal goals as its number one priority.  Student success is our success.  To ensure that you reach your goals, we are continuously striving to improve what we do and how we work with you.  Several of the on-going initiatives and programs through which we are extending our focus on student success are listed below:

Gateways to Completion (G2C) . . . [link→]

Council for Student Success . . . [link→]

Co-requisite Developmental Courses through the Department of Student Transitions . . . [link→]

The Bear Experience co-curricular transcript . . .  [link→]

Other initiatives being developed at UCA include:

Meta-majors: A metamajor is a cluster of academic majors with related content and disciplinary focus. Having a metamajor will give students an academic pathway based on an area of interest to inform class selection and choose a major course of study.

Math Pathways: Following the Dana Center model, UCA is working to ensure that students are prepared to use quantitative reasoning skills in their careers and personal lives, while making timely progress towards degree completion.