Academic Standing Procedures

Academic Standing is processed each semester after grades post.  Students whose standing is Academic Alert or Academic Probation at the end of the semester are notified by email by the Office of Student Success shortly following the posting of grades.  The email includes information about UCA’s Academic Probation Process and resources available to assist students.  Students on suspension are notified by email by the Office of the Registrar, and information about the UCAN Program for students on first academic suspension is sent out from the Coordinator of Student Success.

For more information on Academic Standing, please see the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Academic Probation Process

Students on Academic Alert or Academic Probation can, and often do, improve their academic standing during the next semester.  To facilitate improvement, students on Alert are required to meet at least once with a UCA Peer Coach to review challenges faced in previous semesters and develop a plan for improvement.  Students on Probation are required to complete an initial coaching session, as well as a follow-up session.  An alert or probation hold is placed on student accounts until this requirement is met.  The holds prevent advance registration.

Students are also strongly advised to meet with their academic advisor to review their current degree progress, and to attend Academic Success Workshops throughout the semester to improve their study strategies and time management skills.