Our Mission and Goals

The Department of Student Transitions

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Student Transitions is to promote learning and development for students in transition and to assist in establishing skills that help them progress to graduation.

To achieve this mission, the Department of Student Transitions:

  • Provides remediation in writing, literacy, and math.
  • Offers coordinated courses to reinforce and apply academic skills in the academic core.
  • Assists with the development of non-cognitive skills.
  • Participates in research on methodologies necessary for student success.

In support of our mission, we offer the following courses that assist in first-year students’ transition to college:

  •  Co-requisite developmental courses paired with a college-level equivalent or complementary course
  • Academic and personal strategies courses


To learn more about Department of Student Transitions, please contact:

Department of Student Transitions
Main Hall, Room 10
Phone: 501-450-3220