Autism Advocacy Program

The University of Central Arkansas’ Autism Advocacy Program strives to help students with autism transition and succeed in the higher education setting. The program provides support for students, parents, and faculty, while also helping students learn to self-advocate.

Components of the program include:

  • Low-sensory registration day for entering freshmen and early registration for returning students;
  • A special section of ACAD 1300: Journeys to Success, a 3-hour freshman-level class that focuses on the latest research involving how we learn and includes individual assessment of strengths and development of goals;
  • One-on-one meetings and check-in to help students stay on track and access academic resources, including success coaches and tutors; Occupational Therapy; counseling; housing; academic advising; financial aid; and the library;
  • SWAP, a social group for those with autism and others interested in the neurodiverse community. The group, under the guidance of Professor Cindy Lea, meets twice a month; more information about SWAP meetings is available here;
  • A low-sensory student lounge in Old Main, Room 28;
  • Increased training for faculty and staff about the autism community;
  • Community outreach on college readiness.

Our Autism Advocacy Program works closely with our Disability Resource Center, which is always the first stop for any students wishing to self-identify and request accommodations in the classroom. It is also a valuable resource for information and advocates.

For more information about the Autism Advocacy Program at the University of Central Arkansas, please contact

Dr. Amy Baldwin, Director of the Department of Student Transitions