Math Corequisite Design

UCA’s Current Model

Currently, transitional students are enrolled in a credit bearing course:  MATH 1390: College Algebra or MATH 1360: Quantitative Literacy and a transitional course:  UNIV 0390:  Foundations of College Algebra or UNIV 0360: Foundations of Quantitative Literacy.  The credit bearing courses have 40 transitional students enrolled in them while the transitional courses have only 20 transitional students.

Completion Policy

In  the math co-requisite courses, a grade of  D or better in the college-level course signifies completion of the developmental requirement.  Note:  Grades in corequisite math courses are designed so that they are identical.


College Algebra Pass Rates

Last Updated:  April 2019

College Algebra One Year Completion Rates by Math ACT

Before (Standalone) and After Corequisite Implementation

Last Updated:  April 2019

Additional Resources

Webinar 1:  Corequisite for Beginners
Webinar 2:  A More in Depth Look at Corequisite Courses
Webinar 3:  Assessment and Mindset Courses

Department of Student Transitions Math Contacts:

Dr. Keith Pachlhofer, Ed.D
Ms. Leslie Gomes, M.A.