Student Success and Retention Council

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Charge: The Student Success and Retention Council undertakes on-going study of the retention and graduation/program completion of students at UCA; reports data on the retention and graduation/program completion of students at UCA to the president, board of trustees, and other campus stakeholders; researches best practices in increasing retention and graduation/program completion rates; proposes specific action steps to increase retention and graduation/program completion rates at UCA; oversees the implementation of approved action steps to increase retention and graduation rates; and assesses the success of these implementations.

Annual Report and Presentation: The Faculty Senate requests that this committee provide a written report to the Faculty Senate by November 15 of each year. This report should summarize the body´s activities during the prior year, provide appropriate statistics and data, and outline long-range planning for the following year. This report should be approved by the membership of the committee. The chair of this committee shall contact the president of the Faculty Senate to schedule a presentation to the full Senate by this same date.


  1. The provost will serve as chair.
  2. Faculty Senate president, Faculty Senate vice president, Staff Senate president, SGA president or other member of the SGA Executive Board, associate vice president for institutional diversity, director of new student programs, director of the counseling center, director of housing and residence life or designee, director of the academic advising center, director of admissions and enrollment services, director of student financial aid, director of the office of student success, director of university college, director of institutional research, director of the UCA core, and three at-large faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate. The at-large faculty members will serve for a three year term.


Member Term Title
Patricia Poulter Permanent Non-voting, Provost
Rahul Mehta  Permanent Faculty Senate President
Candice Barnes Permanent Faculty Senate Vice President
Lesley Graybeal Permanent Staff Senate President
Hershila Lalu Permanent SGA President
Angela Webster Permanent Associate Vice President for Institutional Diversity
Colin Stanton  Permanent Director of New Student Programs
Susan Sobel  Permanent Director, Counseling Center
Thomas Bruick Permanent Director, Housing and Residence Life
Leigh Ann DenHartog Permanent Director, Academic Advising Center
 Courtney Mullen  Permanent Director of Admissions and Enrollment Services
Cheryl Lyons Permanent Director, Student Financial Aid
Julia Winden Fey Permanent Director, Office of Student Success
Amy Baldwin  Permanent Director of University College
Amber Hall Permanent Director, Institutional Research
Jacob Held Permanent Director, UCA Core
Tina Murdock 3 years, 2020 At-Large Faculty Representative 1, FS Appointee
Shauna Meador 3 years, 2021 At-Large Faculty Representative 2, FS Appointee
 Tami Phillips 3 years, 2019 At-Large Faculty Representative 3, FS Appointee


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