Asked and Answered

How does holiday time work?

UCA’s campus is closed for a twelve-day period in December and January called the “holiday break.” For two days (or sixteen work hours) during this holiday break, employees must use either vacation time, comp time, or holiday time.

Holiday time is accrued by volunteering at campus events, such as ticket-taking at football games and ushering at Reynolds Performance Hall shows, basketball games, and commencement.

Note that “holiday time” is the not the same as “comp time” and the terms are not interchangeable. Any holiday time earned in a calendar year is applied to the current year’s holiday break and is not transferable to the next year. For example, if you earn 18 hours of holiday time in a given calendar year, only 16 hours of this time can be used for the holiday break for that year, and the other 2 hours cannot be counted toward the next year’s holiday break. Any remaining holiday time beyond 16 hours accrued cannot be “cashed out” or used in place of vacation or sick leave.

For more information on employee holidays and holiday time, see the Staff Handbook.