About Staff Senate

Who are “staff?”

Staff at UCA are all full-time, non-faculty employees and permanent, part-time non-faculty employees.

What is the University of Central Arkansas Staff Senate?

The UCA Staff Senate is a representative body composed of UCA staff members from various employment classifications and administrative divisions. Its purpose is to provide a forum to allow the non-faculty employees of the university an opportunity to participate constructively in the efforts to promote university progress.

Who is eligible to participate in the Staff Senate?

All full-time UCA staff who do not hold faculty rank are eligible to be elected to the Staff Senate. However, all staff members are encouraged to attend Staff Senate meetings and to communicate with Staff Senators on matters of concern and interest.

How is the Staff Senate organized?

The staff elects senators once a year by secret ballot. There are two types of representation. Division senators are elected from the administrative divisions of the university. (The administrative divisions include all departments under the jurisdiction of the President and/or a vice president of UCA.) Classification senators are elected from each designated staff classification (grades 103-105; grades 106-109; grades 110-115; grades 116-124; non-academic/non-classified positions). Also, one non-voting, ex-officio member is appointed by the Staff Senate for a one-year term.

The scale used for election of division senators is as follows:

  • 1-39 staff: 1 senator
  • 40-69 staff: 2 senators
  • 70-99 staff: 3 senators
  • 100-149 staff: 4 senators
  • 150-199 staff: 5 senators
  • 200-249 staff: 6 senators
  • 250-300 staff: 7 senators
  • 301+ staff: 8 senators

In the classification category, there is one senator elected from each grade.  If there are more than 100 staff in the classification group, at least two senators will be elected from the group.

How are senators elected?

During March of each year, the Staff Senate Election Committee sends out nomination ballots to all staff with a listing of university employees grouped by classification and by division to identify staff members eligible for election. After the nomination period, an all-day election by secret ballot is held online. Senators serve three-year terms, and the Senate year begins in July and runs through June of the next year.

Are staff members required to participate?

Participation in campus activities, whether sponsored by the Staff Senate or not, is encouraged for all staff who desire to:

  • interact professionally and socially with other staff members;
  • keep informed of current issues affecting staff;
  • voice their opinions, suggestions, and concerns;
  • take an active part in the quality of campus life.

When and where does the Staff Senate meet?

The Staff Senate meets on the second and last Wednesdays of each month at 10:00 a.m. Any UCA staff members are welcome to attend when duties allow.