Employees of the Quarter

The UCA Staff Senate Employees of the Quarter (EOQ) will be recognized for outstanding job performance, University involvement or service during the quarter. Staff Senate will recognize three recipients per quarter: one from Administrative Specialists, Supports, and Assistants; one from Operations, Trades, Public Safety, and Physical Plant; and one Director.

Employees of the Quarter Nomination Form



  • 1st quarter: July—September
  • 2nd quarter: October—December
  • 3rd quarter: January—March
  • 4th quarter: April—June


  1. The EOQ nomination process will be an online process. Nomination forms will be electronically submitted to the Co-Chairs of the committee. The Co-Chairs will contact nominees to have them complete the online nominee intent form. The Co-Chair will prepare all of the accepted nominations and distribute to committee members quarterly for evaluation and selection of the EOQ.
  2. Any staff member employed by the University at least one year may be nominated for the EOQ. A person may not nominate themselves.
  3. EOQ nominations will be accepted at any time during the quarter. The committee will meet a week after the quarter ends to evaluate the nominations and select the EOQ.
  4. EOQ winners must sit out of the EOQ process for one full academic year following the year they were recognized in order to give more staff members the opportunity to be recognized.
  5. EOQ winners can be nominated for the Employee of the Year (EOY). The EOY is a separate process from the EOQ. No documentation from the EOQ will be considered in the selection of the EOY and vice versa.


  • Each EOQ recipient will receive a reserved parking space (employee must have parking sticker) for the following quarter
  • The EOQ recipients will be recognized at the annual Awards Reception in April and will be invited to attend the EOY luncheon.
  • The University community will be notified of the EOQ winners via email, and winners will be posted on the Staff Senate website.


2023-2024: Quarter 2

  • Administrative Specialists, Supports, and Assistants: Debra Baker
  • Directors: Liz White
  • Operations, Trades, Public Safety, Physical PlantJoe Romig

2023-2024: Quarter 1

  • Administrative Specialists, Supports, and Assistants: Connie Ballard
  • Directors: Anthony Fillippino
  • Operations, Trades, Public Safety, Physical PlantTravis Crane


  • Quarter 1: Classified: Ashley Riba; Non-Classified: Taylor May; Director: Jaclyn Austin
  • Quarter 2: Classified: Michelle Wynn; Non-Classified: Audreka Peten; Facilities: Rickey Anthony; Director: Maria Negrete Padron
  • Quarter 3: Classified: Amanda Craig; Non-Classified: Sarah Luyet; Facilities: Kyle Bowker; Director: Joy Ritchey
  • Quarter 4: Classified: Taylor Ingram; Non-Classified: Rae Miller; Facilities: James Hayes; Director: Jacob Ternes


  • Quarter 1: Classified: Candice Ashcraft; Non-Classified: Nelson Landers; Facilities: Jerry Compton; Director: Reuel Shepperd
  • Quarter 2: Classified: Bobby Middleton; Non-Classified: Hollie Reeves; Facilities: Ken Kelso; Director: Melanie Watson
  • Quarter 3: Classified: Kristen Jetts; Non-Classified: Suzanne Wiltgen; Facilities: Jason Steele
  • Quarter 4: Classified: Michelle Reinold; Non-Classified: Jarrett Perry; Facilities: George McKee, Director: Ashley Pettingill


  • Quarter 1: Isabella Ragni, Shun Ingram, Facilities: Jon Davis, Director: Randy Pastor
  • Quarter 2: Classified: Christy Dade; Non-classified: Marvin Williams; Facilities: George McKee
  • Quarter 3: Classified; Mike Hawkinson; Non-classified: Jennifer Wofford; Facilities: Robert Fulmer; Director: Andy Isom
  • Quarter 4: Classified; Jerry Coleman; Non-classified: Jennifer Ruud; Facilities: Mark White; Director: Jacob Ternes


  • Quarter 1: John Kepke
  • Quarter 2: Ashton Hankins
  • Quarter 3: Garth Clayborn
  • Quarter 4: Lindsey Shurley


  • Quarter 1: Lawana Hawkins
  • Quarter 2: Jason Davis
  • Quarter 3: Lesley Waterson
  • Quarter 4: Candace Fisher


  • Quarter 1: George McKee
  • Quarter 2: Lauren Stout
  • Quarter 3: Cheryl Theall
  • Quarter 4: Susan Peterson


  • Quarter 1: Reuel Shepherd
  • Quarter 2: Alyson McEntire
  • Quarter 3: Jason Cole
  • Quarter 4: Kimberly Klotz


  • Quarter 1: David Haughenbury
  • Quarter 2: Melissa Kordsmeier
  • Quarter 3: Miriam “Lanita” Addison
  • Quarter 4: Patrick Grant


  • Quarter 1: Wilma Sanders
  • Quarter 2: Tyra Phillips
  • Quarter 3: Josh Markham
  • Quarter 4: Darrell Walsh


  • Quarter 1: Casper Zimmerebner
  • Quarter 2: Steve McDaniel
  • Quarter 3: Linda Kelley Horton
  • Quarter 4: Gay Bowling


  • Quarter 1: Nancy Bond
  • Quarter 2: Judy Huff
  • Quarter 3: Sandy Burks
  • Quarter 4: Kim Collister


  • Quarter 1: Amy Whitehead
  • Quarter 2: Sherry DeVault
  • Quarter 3: Vicki Parish
  • Quarter 4: Heather Romine


  • Quarter 1: Gale Garrison
  • Quarter 2: Michelle Reinold
  • Quarter 3: Phillip Arnold
  • Quarter 4: Carl Bailey