Professional Development Funding

2022/2023 Fiscal Year Funding Schedule

Quarter I (July-September)

Applications available May 10-24

Quarter II (October-December)

Applications available August 22 – September 2

Quarter III (January-March)

Applications available October 31 – November 11

Quarter IV (April-June)

Applications available February 6 – 17

Quarter I FY24 (July-September)

Applications available May 1 – 12


All full-time classified or non-classified staff with at least six months of service are eligible to apply. Faculty are not eligible.

Award recipients will be required to obtain at least 8 hours of holiday comp time by working a combination of football, basketball, or Reynolds Performance Hall events. Volunteers cannot leave partway through a game/event just because the minimum hours were met. Volunteering for Commencement does not apply.

Questions? Contact Richard Hammond ( or Carlos Herrera (