Madison Yarbrough (undergraduate major) elected as SWPA Representative

Congratulations to UCA student Madison Yarbrough for being elected as the undergraduate officer representative to the Southwestern Psychological Association (SWPA)! Madison will be honored at the 2022 annual meeting of SWPA on Saturday, April 9th, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

SWPA, the Southwestern Psychological Association, is the official APA affiliate for the Southwestern region of the United States.

Dr. John Murphy conducts workshop at National Association of School Psychologists

Congrats to Dr. Murphy for this workshop presentation!

Dr. John Murphy, Professor of Psychology & Counseling, presented an invited 3-hour workshop on Solution-Focused Counseling in Schools on February 17th, 2022, at the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) Conference in Boston.

Dr. Deanna Rumble and Loren Poole (graduate student) to present at teaching conference

Congratulations to Dr. Rumble and Loren Poole, a 1st year graduate student in the Mental Health Counseling program, on this upcoming presentation!

Rumble, D., & Poole, L.. (2022, February). Student Agency on Presentation Style in the Cognitive Psychology Classroom [Poster Session]. Southeastern Teaching of Psychology Conference, Atlanta, GA. (Virtual).

Dr. Heather Martens assists with grant for Conway Cradle Care

Congrats to Dr. Marten on helping Conway Cradle Care obtain a grant to fund video monitoring equipment for their nurseries. The small grant was funded by the Crafton Tull Foundation.

Dr. Deanna Rumble a co-author on 2 publications

Congrats to Dr. Rumble on these publications!

Trost, Z., Anam, M., Seward, J., Shum, C., Rumble, D., Sturgeon, J., Mark, V., Chen, Y., Mitchell, L., Cowan, R., Perera, R., Richardson, E., Richards, S., & Gustin, S. (2022). Immersive interactive virtual walking reduces neuropathic pain in spinal cord injury: Findings from a preliminary investigation of feasibility and clinical efficacy. PAIN, 163(2). doi: 10.1097/j.pain.0000000000002348

Allen-Watts, K., Sims, A., Buchanan, T., DeJesus, D., Quinn, T. L., Buford, T. W., Goodin, B.R., & Rumble, D. D. (2022). Sociodemographic Differences in Pain Medication Usage and Healthcare Provider Utilization among Adults with Chronic Low Back Pain. Frontiers in Pain Research, 130. DOI: 10.3389/fpain.2021.806310.

Kira Alexander (School Psyc doctoral student) recognized by UCA

Congratulations to School Psychology doctoral student, Kira Alexander, for being recognized with the CLAWS Award at the December UCA Board of Trustees meeting! 

Drs. Varghese, Martens, and Bihm awarded UCA grant

Congrats to Drs. Femina Varghese, Heather Martens, and Elson Bihm, who were awarded $9,950 in research funds from the UCA University Research Council for their grant application, “Belongingness in Schools: Juvenile Offenders and their Mentors.” The project will study the role of belongingness with juvenile offenders. Under the guidance of Varghese, Martens, and Bihm, students will serve as internet mentors to juveniles, engaging them in weekly telehealth activities and sessions.

Dr. Femina Varghese receives grant

Congratulations to Dr. Varghese on receiving a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation IRL Community Partner Mini-Grant for $12,000 to purchase treatment manuals and equipment!

Dr. Marc Sestir and colleagues to publish journal article

Congrats to Dr. Sestir (and our Hendrix colleagues) on this publication!
Sestir, M.A., Kennedy, L.A., Peszka, J., & Bartley, J. (in press). New Statistics, Old Schools: An
Overview of Current Introductory Undergraduate and Graduate Statistics Pedagogy Practices. Teaching of Psychology.

Morgan Payne (former MHC student) publishes article

Congratulations to former Mental Health Counseling student, Morgan Payne, for her upcoming publication!

Payne, M. E. (2021). Neuropsychology pilot: Dr. Carlos Porges. Psychological Services, 18(2), 170–172.

Mental Health Counseling graduate Morgan Payne interviewed “neuropsychology pilot” Dr. Carlos Porges for the recent issue of the journal Psychological Services.