How to avoid a citation

Obtain and properly display a permit decal. The decal is placed inside the windshield, lower left corner of driver’s side with the front side facing out. Decals expire every AUGUST 15 of the current year.

Park in designated color coordinated areas. AFTER 4:30 PM AND BEFORE 6:30AM AND WEEKENDS, parking areas are interchangeable. Observe signs for lots enforced 24/7.

All traffic and motor vehicle laws of the State of Arkansas are applicable on UCA property and are enforced by police officers.

Do not speed. Campus speed is 15MPH.

Do not park at a handicapped space unless you obtain a blue decal permit. This is enforced 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Do not park on grass, sidewalks, driveways, loading and unloading zones, reserved areas, red curbs, red parking blocks, red striped areas. Displaying hazard lights does NOT give the indication of permissible parking.

Do not Double Park or block an area.

Do not park over the lines of spaces.

Do not park at the meter, unless you pay the meter. Do not park at a malfunctioning meter.

Student, Staff, and faculty are not allowed to park in visitor reserved spaces. Enforced Monday thru Friday 6:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Attended and Unattended vehicles parked in violation can be issued a citation.

Inclement weather is not a valid reason for violation of rules.

Mechanical failure of vehicle is the responsibility of its owner to have removed. Contact UCAPD about the details of your emergency.

Parking lots are not to be used as vehicle storage.

A person to whom the decal is assigned to resumes all violation responsibilities.

All fines will double in amount after 30 days of ticket issuance.

A ticketed vehicle continuing in violation can be ticketed again as long as the violation continues. Overtime parking will be ticketed every two hours.

Temporary permits, parking and traffic information can be obtained at the University Police Communications Center 24 hours a day, year round.