Michael Wilson 2016

Micheal Wilson graduated from UCA in Spring of 2016. He had enlisted in the Army as an Intelligence Analyst (35F MOS) before his graduation date and was shipped off to Basic Combat Training in the Summer of 2016. After graduating basic, the specialized training for his job wouldn’t necessarily focus on Physics or Math, but he noticed the subjects could still absolutely be applied. Micheal arrived at his first duty station in Fort Drum, NY, in January of 2017 where he was assigned to 6th Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment under the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade. The unit was a fantastic assignment for Micheal as his knowledge of Physics greatly aided in understanding how the AH-64D (Apache) functioned, what it’s weaknesses were, and how to communicate his knowledge in a practical manner. The knowledge of Physics carried forward to his assignment in South Korea in the summer of 2017–during a time of extensive nuclear proliferation, and ICBM testing from North Korea. North Korea’s extensive artillery network and electronic warfare capabilities also gave Micheal a lot to tackle in communicating and understanding the threat to the US and South Korea. During that tour of duty, for his contributions to the Army during he was awarded two Army Achievement Medals. Since Micheal’s return from Korea in July of 2018, Micheal has since begun taking on independent intelligence research and applying math learned at UCA, and generating research papers for the US Army. As of February 2019, Micheal has since denounced re-enlisting, obtained Project Managing Professional (PMP) certification, and is looking for graduate programs in Applied Math.