William Slaton, PhD

Professor and Director of Engineering Physics


LSC 015

(501) 450-5905

PhD, Physics, University of Mississippi (2001)

Personal Web Page: http://faculty.uca.edu/wvslaton/


W.V. Slaton and E. Jeffery*, “Balloon-borne Solar Radiation Measurements during the 2017 North American Eclipse,” The Physics Teacher 59, 328-332 (2021).

W.V. Slaton and A. Nishikawa*, “Aeroacoustic response of coaxial wall-mounted Helmholtz resonators in a low-speed wind tunnel,” J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 137 (1), 253-260 (2015).

A. Hicks* and W.V. Slaton, “Determining Discharge Coefficient for a Draining Container,” The Physics Teacher 52, 43-47 (2014).

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K. Penn* and W.V. Slaton, “Measuring Model Rocket Engine Thrust Curves,” The Physics Teacher 48, 591-593 (2010).

* Denotes an undergraduate co-author


  • American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE)
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)


My research interests include physics of sound and vibration, sound in porous media, sound in inert gas – vapor mixtures, thermoacoustics, aeroacoustics, and infrasound. I am also interested in electronics, robotics, and general physics topics. Working with undergraduates to develop a research project that expands their capabilities is very important to me.