Rahul Mehta, PhD



LSC 011

(501) 450-5906

PhD, Physics, North Texas State University, Denton (1982)

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L-x-ray production in 57La, 58Ce, 60Nd, and 62Sm by 35-60 MeV carbon and oxygen ions. R. Mehta, Nk K. Puri, Ajay Kumar, A. Kumar, B. P. Mohanty, P. Balouria, Il M. Govil, M. L. Garg, T. Nandi, A. Ahmad, and G. Lapicki, Nucl. Inst. & Meth. in Physics Research, B 241, 63-68. (2005).

Gold nano particles generation by ion-bombardment technique. A. S. Biris, M. K. Mazumder, R. A. sims, D. A. Buzatu and R. Mehta. Proceedings of ESA-IEEE Joint Meeting on Electrostatics, 547-554, Pub. By Laplacian press, Morgan Hill, California (ISBN 1-885540-15-9). (2003).


  • American Physical Society – (Division of Beams, Southeastern Section, History of Physics, Texas Section, Forum on Physics and Society)
  • Sigma Pi Sigma


X-ray measurements to study K-, L-, M-shell ionization in ion-atom collision, also electron capture phenomena.

SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) based studies of thin coatings, meteorites, biological samples grown in micro-gravity.

X-ray fluorescence studies of samples (meteorites, etc.)