Lin Zhang, PhD

Assistant Professor

LSC 013

(501) 450-5904


– B.Eng., Automation, Harbin Institute of Technology, 2007
– Ph.D., Engineering, New Mexico State University, 2016



– Zhang L, Sun Y, Barth A, Ma O. Decentralized control of multi-robot system in cooperative object transportation using deep reinforcement learning. IEEE Access. 2020 Sep 21;8:184109-19.
– Xiong H, Ma T, Zhang L, Diao X. Comparison of end-to-end and hybrid deep reinforcement learning strategies for controlling cable-driven parallel robots. Neurocomputing. 2020 Feb 15;377:73-84.
– Li S, Zhang L, Diao X. Deep-learning-based human intention prediction using RGB images and optical flow. Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems. 2020 Jan;97(1):95-107.


-ENGR 3321: Introduction to Deep Learning for Robotics

-ENGR 3421: Robotics 1

-ENGR 4421: Robotics 2

-ENGR 4311: Senior Design 1

-ENGR 4312: Senior Design 2

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I am fascinated by robotics and artificial intelligence. Making more intelligent robots is my major dedication. I am learning and implementing deep reinforcement learning, convolutional neural networks, variational autoencoders in my research.