Carl Frederickson, PhD

Professor and Chair

LSC 171

(501) 450-5900

PhD, Physics, Washington State University, Pullman (1991)

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Accelerated Closure of Biopsytype wounds by mechanical stimulation. G. L. Irion, S. Stone, T. Fischer, V. P. Finch, L. R. Phillips, C. K. Frederickson. Advances in Skin & Wound Care. In press. (2005)


At-sea buried measurements of sound penetration into sediments using a buried vertical synthetic array. H. J. Simpson, B. H. Houston, S. W. Liskey, P. A. Frank, A. R. Bedroz, L. R. Kraus, C. K. Frederickson, and S. Stanic. Acoustic Society of America, Vol. 113, 1281-1290. (2003)



  • Acoustical Society of America
  • American Association of Physics Teachers
  • Project Kaleidoscope Faculty for the 21st Century



Outdoor sound propagation, Propagation through porous media, Acoustic caustic theory.