Balraj Menon, PhD

Associate Professor

LSC 012

(501) 450-3678

PhD, Physics, Utah State University (2003)


Courses Taught:
PHYS1400: Physical Science for General Education
PHYS1405: Applied Physics
PHYS1410 & PHYS1420: College Physics 1 & 2
PHYS1441 & PHYS 1442: University Physics 1 & 2
PHYS3220: Experiments in Physics – Optics
PHYS3341: Mathematical Methods in Physics
PHYS3343: Thermal Physics
PHYS3353 & PHYS3354: Quantum Theory 1 & 2
PHYS4350: Topics in Theoretical Physics – An Introduction to General Relativity
PHYS4V03: Special Problems in Physics
This has included independent studies in:
Differential Geometric Methods in Physics, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulations of Classical Field
Theories, Symmetries and Conservation laws in Physics, Special & General Relativity

Mentored Student Project

  • Jake Bass, A geometric approach for deriving the conservation laws of electromagnetism (Senior Thesis)
  • Aaron Johnson, Symmetries and conservation laws in classical field theories (Senior Thesis)
  • Brandon Miller, Conservation laws for waves on a string from isometries and conformal isometries of
    the Minkowski metric (Senior Thesis)
  • Garrott Granholm, The Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulation of the Linear Oscillator Chain
  • Jackson Fliss, Variational symmetries and conservation laws of the coupled Maxwell-Dirac equations
  • Jackson Fliss, Ontology in spacetime physics (Honors College Thesis)
  • Saroj Adhikari, Einstein’s elusive waves: Gravitational waves detection and its implications (Honors
    College Thesis)
  • Olabode Sule, Variational Symmetries and Local Conservation laws in General Relativity
  • Luis Suazo, Symmetries of Electromagnetism in Arbitrary Dimensions.
  • Luis Suazo, Einstein’s theories unraveled (Honors College Thesis)
  • Amy House, Symmetry Analysis of the Quantum Oscillator
  • Dustin Montgomery, Journey through the fourth dimension: The possibilities and impossibilities of
    theoretical time travel (Honors College Thesis)