Azida Walker, PhD

Associate Professor

LSC 176B

(501) 450-5903

PhD, Physics, Tulane University, New Orleans (2003)


  • American Association of Physics Teachers
  • American Physical Society
  • Sigma Pi Sigma
  • Science and the Public

My current research focuses on measuring the effect of radiation on the conductance of potassium ion channels. These channels play an important role in regulating vascular smooth muscle (VSM) and in regulating membrane potential.  A typical space mission lasts about 6 months. During this time astronauts are exposed to 50-2000 millisieverts (mSv).  I am interested in quantifying any changes in the effect of this radiation on human health at a molecular level. I use X-ray radiation to administer similar doses of radiation and electrophysiology patch-clamping techniques in my experiments. 

As a teacher, I aim to inspire my students to not just study Physics as a subject, but to learn of its applications and think of ways to apply the theory to real-life situations. Courses I teach include Physical Science for General Education, Applied Physics for the Health Sciences, Electromagnetism 1, Electromagnetism II, Introduction to Biophysics, and Women and Minority in STEM.

Fun fact about me is that I am a second-degree blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do. I love running and completed my first marathon in March 2023. I enjoy baking and spending time with my family and our three cats.