Undergraduate Degree: BS Mathematics, Data Science Track

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The department of mathematics offers  a data science track in our BS Mathematics Degree Program. This track is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in data science and analysis. Below are the math and statistics requirements for the track as of Fall 2020. For the prerequisite structure see this flow chart. Feel free to ask any of the math department faculty about pursuing data science track.

B.S. Data Science Track
Core Courses (18 hours)
Course No Course Credit Hrs Prerequisite Semester Offered
MATH 1496 Calculus I 4 C or better in MATH 1390 and MATH 1392; or
C or better in MATH 1580; or equivalent
Fall, Spring, & Summer
 MATH 1497 Calculus II 4 C or better in MATH 1496. Fall, Spring, & Summer
 MATH 2471 Calculus III  4 C or better in MATH 1497 Fall, Spring, & Summer
 MATH 3320 Linear Algebra
[Upper Core : I]
3 MATH 1497 or MATH 2330 Fall, Spring, & Summer
 MATH 4371 Intro to Probability
[Upper Core : R]
 3 MATH 1497 Fall, Spring, & Summer
Required Courses (22 hours)
MATH 2441 Mathematical Computation 4 MATH 1497 or concurrent enrollment in MATH 1497 Fall
MATH 3311 Statistical Methods 3 MATH 2441, or MATH 1496 & CSCI 1470, or equivalent or consent of instructor Fall, Spring & Summer
MATH 4373 Regression Analysis 3 MATH 3311 (C grade or higher) or consent of instructor Fall
MATH 3391 Non-parametric Statistics 3 MATH 3311 or consent of instructor Fall
MATH 3392 Multivariate Analysis 3 (MATH 3311 and MATH 3320) or consent of instructor Fall
MATH 4391 Machine Learning 3 MATH 4373 or consent of instructor Spring
MATH 4395 Practicum in Data Science
[Future Upper Core: Z]
3 MATH 4391 Spring
Elective Courses (6 hours)
MATH 4372 Intro to Statistical Inference 3 MATH 4371 or consent of  instructor Spring
MATH 4374 Intro to Stochastic Processes 3 MATH 4371 or consent of instructor Spring
MATH 4392 Time Series and Forecasting 3 MATH 4373 or consent of instructor Spring
MATH 4381 Special Topics (e.g. Experimental Design, Social Network Analysis, etc)
(May be taken multiple times if topics differ)
3 Consent of instructor Fall, Spring
Other Requirements
  • Minor required (Computer Science recommended)
  • Must complete 120 semester hours including 38 hours of General Education.
  • GPA of 2.0 or better in each of the major and minor fields
  • Must have 40 hours of upper level (3000 or 4000) courses.
  • At least 15 hours of the major must be earned in
  • Completion of all university requirements including the UCA Core.
  • Ancillary Requirements (6 – 8  hours):
    MIS 4355 and MIS 4380 or
    CSCI 1470 and CSCI 1480 or
    BIOL 1440 and BIOL 1441 or
    INSU 3324 and ECON 2320 (or ECON 2321)

Version Fall 2020

Faculty in Data Science

The faculty in the mathematics department have a wide variety of interests. Those that have an expressed interest in data science are: