Nesrin Sahin

Associate Professor

MCS 231

(501) 450-5681

Ph.D, University of Central Florida, Mathematics Education

Research Interests: 

Pre-service teachers’ (PSTs) mathematical and statistical knowledge for teaching K-12 mathematics.

My research studies include PSTs’ algebraic thinking, their understanding of operations with rational numbers, probability concepts and data analysis

Selected Publications:

  • Sahin, N., Budak, S., & Almus, M. (2022). A Generalization of the “Eric the Sheep” Problem. Mathematics In Schools, 51(2), 2-7.
  • Garimella, U. & Sahin, N. (2022). Inheritance Patterns: Probability Rules and Probability trees. American Biology Teacher, 84(1), 22-27.
  • Garimella, U. & Sahin, N. (2021). Digging Deeper: Relating temperature conversion formula to the slope-intercept formula. The Science Teacher88(4), 36-40
  • Sahin, N., Dixon, J.K., & Schoen R. (2020). Investigating the association between students’ strategy use and mathematics achievement. School Science and Mathematics, 120(6),352-332.
  • Sahin, N., Fetterly, J., & Budak, S. (2019). Writing word Problems for fraction number sentences. Dimensions in Mathematics, 39(2), 6-13.
  • Sahin, N., Gault, R., Tapp, L., & Dixon, J. K. (2019). Pre-Service Teachers Making Sense of Fraction Division with Remainders. International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education15(1), em0552.