Program Gates

Master of Arts in Teaching-Program Gates

The MAT program has four gates that each candidate will progress through. These gates allow for both the candidate and the program to ensure that all requirements are being met in a timely manner and that appropriate dispositions are being displayed at all times.

Gate 1

Application and acceptance to the program; This also includes your Full Background Check and Child Maltreatment check on file with AELS that should accompany your Graduate School Application Link to Background Check Information

Gate 2

Provisional license awarded


Candidate contacts program coordinator after the completion of 12-15 hours for a Mid-Program Review (dispositions and GPA will be reviewed at this time–Degree Works will have reminder)-Candidates strongly encouraged to have Praxis Subject Area Assessment scores at this time

Gate 3

Successful application and acceptance into Internship (dispositions and GPA will be reviewed at this time); See this page for requirements–

Gate 4

Successful completion of the MAT program