Praxis Exams

Always check the Educational Testing Services (ETS) website for the most current information on required Praxis exams. For specific Arkansas Praxis testing requirements and minimum scores, click here.

Praxis I

  • Includes the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators exams in reading, writing, and mathematics –
  • Submit passing Praxis Core scores (Reading 156, Writing 162, Math 150) by the end of the first semester. (NOTE: GRE scores may substitute for Praxis I.)
  • You will not be permitted to register for additional semesters without submitting passing Praxis I scores.

Praxis II Content Exam(s)

  • Depending on your intended area of licensure, this requirement may include up to 3 separate tests
  • Submit passing scores prior to applying for provisional license or prior to internship, whichever comes FIRST
  • Always check the Arkansas requirements in the Praxis website for the most up to date test information

Praxis II Pedagogy Exam

  • MAT teacher candidates must take the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) for your grade band (if your area of licensure is World Languages, then you take a separate pedagogy test instead of the PLT).
  • The options are PLT: Early Childhood, PLT: Grades 5-9, or PLT: Grades 7-12.
  • Take the pedagogy (or PLT) exam no later than the first time it is offered in the internship semester (preferably January)

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