Praxis Exams

Always check the Educational Testing Services (ETS) website for the most current information on required Praxis exams. For specific Arkansas Praxis testing requirements and minimum scores, click here.

Praxis Subject Area exams (depending on your area) are required for your Provisional AND for your eligibility to enter Internship. We strongly encourage you to take these ASAP and as early in the program as possible.
If you are in K-6 (Elementary), you are also required to take the Pearson Foundations of Reading assessment. The timeline for this test is during your internship semester OR AFTER you have taken all of the literacy courses and elementary courses (MAT 6320, MAT 6314, MAT 6374, and MAT 6338).
The progression is as follows:
1. Praxis Subject Area Assessment: (ASAP, or at the 12-15 hour mark, or for your provisional, but required before eligible for internship–no exceptions)
2. Pedagogy Assessment: The state recently removed the PLT exam as a requirement for licensure. Instead, they are allowing preparation programs to use their own assessments to show pedagogical knowledge. We are currently allowing candidates to use passing scores for the Summative Assessment during your Internship as your Pedagogy Exam. Please keep in mind that you may still want to take the PLT, IF you think you may want to eventually pursue an administrative position or district specialist/interventionist position. If you choose to go ahead and take the PLT, we will submit that to ADE, so they have proof of completion. IF you are K-6 Elementary Education, you will be required to pass the Foundations of Reading exam, before your license will be issued.

Praxis Support

ETS Support
College Resource Center Guides
DESE Praxis Sessions and Other Study Resources

The Arkansas Department of Elementary and Secondary Education offers various FREE virtual study sessions for many of the Praxis exams. Make sure you are signed up for the MAT Listserv, in order to receive updated information on those sessions and when they are offered.