Bachelor of Science – Health Promotion

The Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion combines physical, psychological, social, and environmental sciences to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors through evidence-based education and programming. Students trained in health promotion can secure employment in various healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, voluntary health agencies, local and state health departments, governmental agencies, schools, universities, and industries. Students who complete a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion are eligible for the Health Education Specialist certification (CHES) offered by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. Students can also receive the Health Coaching certificate if they successfully complete the following courses as part of their degree plan (HLTH 1320; 2201; 3325; 4398; 4399). Completion of these courses prepares students for the Health Coaching certification offered by the American Council on Exercise.  Many students use this as a preparatory degree for advancement into healthcare related masters and doctoral programs.  Other students choose to begin work right after college. Health Promotion and Health Coaching is a $6 billion market, and job growth is expected to expand by 11 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations. This growth is driven by efforts to improve public health outcomes and to reduce healthcare costs by advocating for health-enhancing behaviors, improving health literacy and accessing health services.

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Required Courses for Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Promotion

Health Promotion  (53 hours)

I.  Required Core Courses  (27 hours)

  • HLTH      3300      Health Promotion Methods and Materials [UD UCA Core: C]
  • HLTH      3301      The Health Promotion Profession [UD UCA Core: R]
  • HLTH      3320      Epidemiological Research [UD UCA Core: I]
  • HLTH      4300      Community Health Problems
  • HLTH      4320      Health Communication and Advocacy
  • HLTH      4331      Program Planning and Evaluation
  • HLTH      4370      Administration of Health Programs
  • HLTH      4600      Health Promotion Internship [UD UCA Core: Z]

II.  Required Content Courses (6 hours)

  • *HLTH      1320      Essentials of Health and Wellness
  • *HLTH      3325      Disease Management for Health Promotion

III.  Health Promotion Elective Courses (9 hours minimum to be selected from the following/approved by the major advisor. Students are required to select at least one course designated as an upper-division UCA Core Diversity course.)

  • *HLTH    2201      First Aid
  • HLTH      2320      Mental Health
  • HLTH      3123      Medical Terminology
  • HLTH      3305      Human Sexuality [UD UCA Core: D]
  • HLTH      3310      Fundamentals of Occupational Health
  • HLTH      3315      Theory & Practice of Prevention
  • HLTH      4301      Health Promotion in the Medical Care Setting
  • HLTH      4302      Health Promotion in the Worksite
  • HLTH      4303      Environmental Health Problems
  • HLTH      4310      Health Concerns of the Aging
  • HLTH      4312      Drug Education
  • HLTH      4343      Health Strategies in Multicultural Populations [UD UCA Core: D]
  • HLTH      4365      Field Experience in Health Promotion
  • HLTH      4395      Contemporary Health Concerns: Women [UD UCA Core: D]
  • HLTH      4396      Contemporary Health Concerns: Men [UD UCA Core: D]
  • *HLTH    4398      Health Coaching I
  • *HLTH    4399      Health Coaching II

*Courses that are required for the certificate of proficiency in Health and Wellness Coaching.

IV.  Related Requirements (11 hours)

  • BIOL       2405      Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • BIOL       2411      Microbiology in Human Affairs
  • Statistics: CISA 2330, GEOG 2330, MATH 2311,  PSCI 2312, PSYC 2330, QMTH 2330, SOC 2321– Choose one

The remaining credits in the degree plan (32) will be met with elective courses approved by the major advisor.

Link to study materials for the Undergraduate Exit Exam:

Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion Internship Information: Internship information for students

Health Promotion Course Check Sheet 22-23