Bachelor of Science – Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Laboratory Scientists (Medical Technologists) are specialist who perform laboratory tests on blood, body fluids and tissues.  The result of these tests are used by physicians in diagnosing and treating disease, maintaining health, drug monitoring, organ transplantation, forensic medicine and more.

Medical Laboratory Science combines the challenges and rewards of medicine and science.  Medical Laboratory Scientists are vital members of the health care team.  They must work accurately and quickly to detect the changes in biologic specimens that determine the absence, presence, extent and causes of disease.  They study the immune system and how it reacts to various organisms such as bacteria, virus, and fungus; the body chemistry; the hematological system; and many other subjects.

The Department of Health Sciences in cooperation with Baptist Health College Little Rock offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Laboratory Science.  The degree requirements consist of completion of a minimum of 79 semester hours at UCA with at least a 2.5 GPA before the student applies to the professional curriculum at Baptist Health.  Students must apply to the professional phase of the program at Baptist Health and acceptance is on a competitive basis.  The professional curriculum consists of a minimum of 41 hours that must be taken at Baptist Health.

Applicants are required to have the results of the American College Test (ACT) prior to applying to the Affiliated Hospital programs.  Baptist Health College Little Rock prefers a composite score of 20 or higher on the ACT. Students may transfer into the program, but a minimum thirty (30) hours of residence at UCA is required.  In all cases, completion of 120 hours, including the professional curriculum, with a minimum GPA of 2.5 is required for completion of the degree.  Medical Laboratory Science students must graduate from UCA and sit for a national certification examination.

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