Minor in Health Promotion

The minor in Health Promotion requires successful completion of 25 credit hours. It can complement a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science, Psychology, Nutrition, Sociology, or other related degrees. The minor is offered for students who desire health promotion to support and complement a related major or for cultural and personal value.

I. Required Health Promotion Courses (12 hours)

  • HLTH      3300      Methods and Materials for Health Promotion [UD UCA Core: C]
  • HLTH      3301      Health Promotion Profession [UD UCA Core: R]
  • HLTH      4300      Community Health Problems
  • HLTH      4331      Program Planning and Evaluation

II. Health Promotion Electives (5 hours minimum to be selected with approval of minor advisor)

  • HLTH      1320      Essentials of Health and Wellness
  • HLTH      2201      First Aid
  • HLTH      2320      Mental Health
  • HLTH      3305      Human Sexuality [UD UCA Core: D]
  • HLTH      3315      Theory and Practice of Prevention
  • HLTH      3325      Disease Management for Health Promotion
  • HLTH      4301      Health Education in the Medical Care Setting
  • HLTH      4302      Health Education in the Worksite
  • HLTH      4303      Environmental Health Problems
  • HLTH      4310      Health Concerns of Aging
  • HLTH      4312      Drug Education
  • HLTH      4343      Health Strategies for Multicultural Populations [UD UCA Core: D]
  • HLTH      4370      Administration of Health Programs [UD UCA Core: C]
  • HLTH      4395      Contemporary Health Concerns: Women [UD UCA Core: D]
  • HLTH      4396      Contemporary Health Concerns: Men [UD UCA Core: D]
  • HLTH      4398      Health Coaching I
  • HLTH      4399      Health Coaching II

III. Related Requirement (8 hours)

  • BIOL      2405      Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • BIOL      2411      Microbiology