Health Sciences and Business in Vienna Summer 1 2023


Program Description

Students will have the wonderful opportunity to stay with an Austrian family while in Vienna. This will be their home away from home and an opportunity to get to know the people of Vienna first hand. While in Vienna, we will work closely with the Austro-American Institute of Education (AAIE) that has been hosting students from many universities for over 100 years as they study abroad in Vienna. They will provide a classroom and a “school” that we can call our own for the duration of our time in Vienna. Our trip will include field trip type classes that deal with culture and diversity in both the health education/addiction studies and international supply chain industry.

Come experience the world first hand as you see how industry and non-profit organizations work together for the betterment of everyone — ultimately how the health of a country is influenced by its infrastructure, transportation industry, and the interaction of the motor carrier industry with international ports. We will visit the United Nations, museums, Mauthausen (Concentration Camp), Salzburg and the Sound of Music in the Austrian Alps, and a mountain retreat where we can begin to understand the truth about leisure and slowing down in life. Throughout our time in Austria, we will be able to compare and contrast differences in the US and Europe. These and MANY more experiences will broaden your life. You will come home a different person!

Health and Safety 

Students registering for programs agree to the following: I understand that UCA does not control requirements of vendors, universities, and other stakeholders for study abroad programing. Should a vendor or organization require masks, vaccinations, quarantine, or other measures regarding COVID 19, I agree to follow these requirements. While UCA and its partners will work to update students, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to take measures to protect themselves from the spread of disease.

Participants will be enrolled in comprehensive international insurance for the duration of programming. It is the student’s responsibility to extend insurance cover if they extend the UCA program dates abroad.

Students must attend one health and safety meeting in the spring semester. Meeting dates will be announced after the program deadlines.

Course Offerings

Denise Demers, Ph.D., CHES, Assistant Professor in Health Sciences

HBST 1377 Education Abroad Seminar (LD Core-World Diversity)

HLTH 4365/5365 Field Study in Health Education

HLTH 6360 International Health


Doug Voss, Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

BUAD 2301 -COB Travel Class for Critical Inquiry

BUAD 2302 – COB Travel Class for Diversity in World Cultures

BUAD 2303 – COB Travel Class for Responsible Living

MGMT 3365 – Transportation and Motor Carrier Management

MGMT 4320 – Selected Topics in Management

MKTG 4320 – Selected Topics in Marketing

       MBA 6390 –  Special Problems


Honors credit may also be available. Honors students may contact Dr. Patricia Smith in the Honors College and the course approval form must also be signed by Dr. Smith if the class taken abroad is to return as Honors Credit.

Important Dates

Travel Dates:  June 5 – June 25, 2023

Interest Meetings: TBA

Apply for your passport.

Apply for scholarships.

Program Application Open Date: September 15, 2022

Application and Deposit Deadline: February 3, 2023

Faculty Leaders

Dr. Denise Demers is an Assistant Professor in the Health Sciences Department. Having been to Austria and the surrounding areas on an education abroad program as a graduate student, Dr. Demers now loves to take students to share her love for that area of the world. She is excited to convey to students the many opportunities to improve themselves as people as they study in a foreign country. Her hope is for everyone to fall in love with Vienna as she has, and to find a part of themselves that may be hidden at this time. Come see the world with Dr. Demers!



Doug VossDr. Doug Voss (Ph.D., Michigan State University) serves as Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the University of Central Arkansas and holds the Scott E. Bennett Arkansas Highway Commission Endowed Chair of Motor Carrier Management.  Doug received his Ph.D. in Logistics from Michigan State University and an M.S. and B.S. in Transportation and Logistics Management from the University of Arkansas.  Before beginning his position at the University of Central Arkansas, Doug served as a post-doctoral research associate at Michigan State University and worked in the motor carrier industry. He currently serves on the Arkansas Trucking Association Board of Directors and the American Transportation Research Institute Research Advisory Council.   His research has been delivered to the White House Office of Management and Budget, appeared in numerous publications, and received best paper awards from the Journal of Operations Management, Midwest Decision Sciences Institute, and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals.

Program Cost

The 2023 program cost for UCA in Vienna can be viewed here.

For information about international insurance coverage:

Learn German

Practice some German before your trip with our Basic German Translations cheat sheet. Also, check out Mango Languages, a language learning resource free for UCA students.