Jacob Perry’s Story

Honors Perry

In the summer of 2008 I volunteered at Hogar Angelitos Felices in Copán Ruinas, and developed a lasting bond with the kids who call the orphanage their home. I couldn’t help but be concerned about the future of the beautiful children there, and the countless other deserving children all over Honduras without clean water, food, or clothing. I’ve been fortunate enough to live comfortably and get an education, but they won’t without our help. No human should be condemned to hunger and poverty because of the conditions into which he or she is born. It is within our grasp to reach those who suffer most: the poorest of the poor. I wanted to turn my despair into hope, and so I created Hermanos in Hope. By spending time with these wonderful people, teaching them how to read and write, clothing them in school uniforms and shoes to wear, building schools and beds–we are giving them a chance to get an education and overcome their circumstances.

Jacob Perry
Class of 2009

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