Challenging Students

Schedler in Office

For centuries, the world’s top universities have prepared adults for career and citizenship through the classic liberal arts curriculum. Those venerable academic virtues form the bedrock of education in the Honors College.

Novice scholars gather with experienced teachers to read the great works of global thought, contemplate art and literature, formulate viewpoints and values, and try out their ideas in conversation and writing.

Did You Know?

The Schedler Honors College Campaign is raising funds to grow the endowment for ELF. This will ensure that Honors students have ongoing opportunities for service projects and public policy initiatives.

All Honors classes are small seminars, where every student gets the attention of peers and faculty. Modeled on the medieval guild system and following the example of prestigious Ivy League institutions, the Honors College puts apprentices and mentors together in an academic workshop where skills can be practiced, critiqued, and practiced again. Those skills include:

  • careful thinking
  • speaking
  • writing

The aim is mastery of the self and of its capacities for knowledge and action. For proof that this ancient process still works, look to the Honors students who have received top national honors, including:

  • Rhodes Scholarships
  • Truman Scholarships
  • Goldwater Scholarships
  • Fulbright Scholarships
  • Cooke Foundation Scholarships
  • Rotary awards