Corporate Partners

The UCA Foundation is dedicated to establishing and maintaining long-term partnerships with corporations that result in support for the mission and priorities of the University of Central Arkansas.

Successful partnerships create advantages for both parties. As a corporate partner of this university, you will receive access to an invaluable audience: the UCA community. The UCA community includes all of its alumni, friends, students and employees. These parties may engage with UCA online or in-person. The UCA community is full of loyal and engaged members of society and, as such, are the University’s greatest asset.

UCA has a plethora of opportunities throughout each calendar year to promote your business. Every business is different: some seek to reach students while others seek the attention of faculty and staff. Whatever your target market is, we want to help you reach it!

Corporate partners are recognized for annual donations and sponsorships that provide scholarship support to students, factually, staff, programs and campus enhancements. Corporate partners that contribute $5,000 or more are invited to attend the annual President’s Society event.

If you are interested in learning more about corporate partnership opportunities, please contact Haley Fowler, Director of Annual Giving, at or (501) 450-5698.