Graduate GIS Certificate (this is an ONLINE program)

Program Description

The University of Central Arkansas Certificate Program in GIS is an online graduate credit program designed to meet the needs of individuals with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Those individuals with a bachelor’s or master’s degree can earn graduate credit. Individuals earn the Certificate in GIS by successfully completing five courses. While most courses have prerequisites, some courses can be taken anytime from anywhere. Most courses involve approximately 100 hours of activity, depending on prior computing and GIS experience.

The introductory course, GEOG 5310, Geographic Information Systems, assists the student to explore fundamental theories, concepts, issues, and applications of geographic information systems while the student also develops the technical skills needed to be an effective online learner.

Students with earned bachelor’s or master’s degrees are encouraged to enroll in GEOG 5310 as the entry point.

As a registered student in all courses of the graduate certificate program, except for GEOG 5345 (which uses ERDAS Imagine image processing software) individuals will be entitled to obtain the latest version of Esri’s ArcGIS software (contact the Department of Geography). These software applications will be used in all courses of the Certificate Program. Proof of enrollment in the Certificate Program must be provided to the Department of Geography before students will be permitted to obtain the software.

After the introductory course (GEOG 5310) has been completed, students should enroll in GEOG 5315, Mapping Fundamentals for Geographic Information Systems. The remaining three courses may be taken in any order, chosen from the following: GEOG 5340, Fundamentals of Database Design; GEOG 5345, Digital Image Processing for GIS; GEOG 6320, Technical Issues in GIS; GEOG 6328, Spatial Analysis and Modeling; GEOG 6330, Environmental Applications of GIS; GEOG 6333, GIS for Planning and Public Administration; GEOG 6380, GIS Research Methodology, and GEOG 6V60, Directed Readings and Research in GIS.

Courses are delivered online via a combination of information technologies possibly including, but not limited to, Internet/WWW (primarily Blackboard), CD-ROM, e-mail, and print. Upon successful completion of the five-course sequence, student’s will earn 15 graduate credits and a Certificate in GIS from UCA’s Department of Geography.

After course work has been completed, the following forms will need to be completed and delivered to the Graduate School: 1) a Tracking of Graduate Students form, 2) a Press Release form, and 3) the GIS Certificate Application form. Click on the appropriate links below to obtain the forms.

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