Why Study Geography?

  • Most employers want and need globally-minded and experienced employees. Having global experience continues to move from “nice” to “must-have.”
  • Students must expand their horizons to consider an international career. American students willing to study foreign languages and cultures, study or intern abroad, and generally prepare to work in an inter-connected world will have exponentially greater career opportunities on graduation, whether they work here or abroad.
  • Geography and GIS are considered “Bright Outlook occupations,” which match at least one of the following criteria (http://www.onetonline.org/help/bright/):
    • Projected to grow much faster than average (employment increase of 5% or more) over the period 2022-2032
    • Projected to have 100,000 or more job openings over the period 2022-2032
    • New & Emerging occupation in a high-growth industry


This page contains videos that explain why taking geography courses is so important to one’s education and career. Click on the each video below to access the videos.

Why Geography Matters..
Understanding Major Transitions In the Contemporary World
What is Geo-Literacy ?
Why is Geo-Literacy Important ?