About The Department

We live on a dynamic planet, one that is constantly changing in response to complex natural and human processes. Geographers study the spatial interactions of people with each other and their environment to better understand these intricately related processes.

At the University of Central Arkansas, we conduct research and teach students about natural and human systems and the events that shape the world in which we live. Our focus is on understanding these dynamics as well as the science and the technologies that are needed to analyze, model, and visualize geographic processes.

Our undergraduate program provides the breadth and depth of knowledge needed to understand contemporary natural and human problems, as well the geospatial skills needed to work in both geographic and other professions. Faculty members provide exceptional training in cartography, remote sensing, and geographic information systems (GIS).

Our two graduate programs focus on the theoretical and practical use of geospatial technology. The GIS Graduate Certificate provides working professionals and graduate students the opportunity to receive sophisticated technical training that will enhance their employment skills or broaden their career options. The Master of GIS degree is a more comprehensive and intensive program that takes students beyond that offered in the Certificate program

A multitude of employment opportunities are available for students who graduate with a degree in geography. Our former students work for a variety of public and private agencies. Examples include the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department, Pulaksi Area GIS, Metroplan, the National Park Service, the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission, and several divisions of Southwestern Energy, to name just a few.