Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Materials

Faculty Senate meetings take place on the second Tuesday and fourth Thursday of each month during the academic year except during vacation periods and finals week. Meetings begin at 12:45 p.m. While Senate business is usually able to be accomplished in a timely fashion, senators should plan to be available from 12:45 through x-period. The final meeting of each semester occurs during finals week and is scheduled during the 12:15 pm TR exam period. All meetings are held in Wingo 315 unless otherwise announced. =================================================================

The Faculty Senate year runs May 1 to April 30.

2023-2024, President Vaughn Scribner

2022-2023, President Kristin Dooley

2021-2022, President Amber Wilson

2020-2021, President Jen Talbot

2019-2020, President Candice D. Barnes

2018-2019, President Rahul Mehta

2017-2018, President Taine Duncan

2016-2017, President Kaye McKinzie

2015-2016, President Charles Watson

2014-2015, President Ben Rowley

2013-2014, President Don Bradley

2012-2013, President Kevin Browne

2011-2012, President Janet Wilson

2010-2011, President Lynn Burley

2009-2010, President John Parrack

2008-2009, President Kurt Boniecki

2007-2008, President Francie Bolter


Reorganizing In Process of Everything Below

Files before these dates have been moved to the appropriate Senate folder above

12:45 pm, March 29, 2018

Agenda 3-29-18

12:45 pm, March 13, 2018

Agenda 3-13-18

12:45 pm, Feb 22, 2018

Agenda 2-22-18

Brandon Combs Course evaluation Question Set 2-21-18


12:45 pm, Feb 13, 2018

Agenda 2-13-18

FS Meeting Minutes 1-25-18
Relay For Life Handout 2-13-18
Office Of Institutional Diversity Handout 2-13-18


12:45 pm, Jan 25, 2018

 Agenda 1-25-18

11:00 am, Dec 12, 2017

        • FS President Updates

 Agenda 12-12-17

SBAC Base Budget FY19 Recommendations
Follow up to Tenure at U of A Resolution


12:45 pm, Nov 30, 2017

12:45 pm, Nov 14, 2017

12:45 pm , October 26, 2017

      • No faculty Senate meeting  due to Investiture


12:45 PM, October 10, 2017


12:45 PM, September 28, 2017


Discovering Who Is Your Academic Advisor


12:45 PM, September 12, 2017


12:45 PM, August 24, 2017


12:45 PM, July 11, 2017 (Called Meeting with the President)


11:00 AM, May 2nd, 2017 (first meeting of the new senate)

Elections of New officers

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 2017-2018 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

(Second Tuesday and Fourth Thursday)

April 27, 2017 (last meeting of the session)

Agenda April 27, 2017

Minutes 2017 04 27

Provost Runge’s notes

FS President

Welcome newly elected senators.

Action Items

Resolution on Study Abroad Affordability

Resolution on Pay for Adjunct, PT, and Overload Faculty

Information Items

FS Academic Affairs report on Charge 2 (letter grades information)

Grading Policy Survey Results

FS Faculty Affairs I –

Notice of Bylaws changes

Working manual edits will carry over to next year.

FS Faculty Affairs II – final updates.

Adjunct, part-time & over-load salary

Budget Plan 2018: VP of Finance

Faculty Senate PP 4-27-17

Strategic Planning Update 4-4-17

UCA Online policy updates

Intellectual Property Rights (Online & Hybrid) draft

Handouts for Active Directory



Passing of the gavel.

April 11, 2017

FacultySenate_Agenda 2017 04 11

Provost Runge’s notes

FS President

Action Items


Committees With Spring Replacements Spring 2017

Information Items

Academic Assessment Committee Report (April 1)

AAC Annual Report

FACS BS Assessment Plan online version:

FACS Bachelor Assessment Plan

1. UCA Academic Unit Assessment Plan Template

2. UCA Academic Unit Assessment Plan Review Rubric

Student Evaluation of Teachers report (moved due to time)

Annual Report

Proposed Questions

Proposed Question set cross-walkSPARC_Annual_Report_2017

New software RFP criteria

Athletic Committee Minutes 2-1-17–To fulfill April 1 Athletic Committee Report

Athletic Director Reporting plan

Faculty Handbook Committee Report (Handbook) (April 15)

Information Services Advisory Committee Report (April 15)



UCA Online Policy Document–Michael Judge

New “stake” sign policy

March 30, 2017 (March 23 is Spring Break – meeting moved to 5th Thursday)


Provost Runge notes

FS President Asked and Answered

Action Items


Faculty Handbook Changes (Chapter 7)

Information Items

Faculty Senator elections upcoming, At Large is ongoing

Faculty Salary Review Committee Report (March 1)

Report for Senate

Department salaries compared to CUPA

FS Faculty Affairs I Committee Charge 2 Report

FS Faculty Affairs II Committee Charge 2 Report

Faculty time use study – April 19, 2017


Univ MD Faculty Time Study

UMD faculty time diary

Relay for Life (

March 14, 2017


Provost Runge notes

FS President: Asked and Answered

Information Items

Results of Constitutional voting

New Constitution

“Draft” Constitution From FA I

At Large Faculty Senate Elections

Faculty Senate Committee Reports

Academic Affairs Committee

Working with Institutional Research to distribute a campus survey regarding grading policies. The goal is to distribute the survey after spring break and report the results at the April Senate meeting.

FA I Report March 14 2017

Faculty Affairs II Committee Report

Action Items


Resolutions on Committees for Handbook Committee

Resolution-on-Faculty-Handbook-Committee-Representation amended

Resolution-on-Faculty-Grievance-Committee-Representation amended

Faculty Handbook Changes

Chapter 2: Outcome of Faculty Senate Constitution vote

List of Revisions as of 3.8.17

Faculty Handbook Chapter 3 as of 3.8.17

Faculty Handbook Chapter 4 as of 3.8.17

Faculty Handbook Chapter 5 as of 3.8.17

Faculty Handbook Chapter 7 as of 3.8.17

February 23, 2017


Provost Runge


FS President

Bullet points from the Campus Talk, February 16

Asked and Answered

Key dates

Resolution Regarding Student Evaluation of Teachers Committee/Student Course Evaluation Committee

Committees requiring tenure

Sabbatical Leave Review Committee

Honorary Degree Committee

Faculty Emerita Emeritus Committee

Library Committee

Faculty Handbook Committee

Action Items


Resolution for Veterans’ challenge coins

Faculty Handbook Changes Chapter 3

Information ITems


The Constitution voting schedule

The 4 Bundled Resolutions

The paper ballot

Athletic Committee draft reporting plan

Athletics Draft Report

Athletics Budget

Academic Metrics

NCAA FY 16 Final report

Health and Wellness Promotion Committee Update (moved from last meeting to this meeting due to time)

Compass video

Committee on Committees Update

Committees With Spring Replacements Spring 2017

February 14, 2017



President Davis

Provost Runge


FS President’s Asked & Answered

Action Items – Handbook Revisions

Faculty Handbook Changes Chapters 5

Faculty Handbook Changes Chapter 7

Handout from Committee on Committees about Ch 7 Changes

Resolution about Chapter 7 Committee Recs Spring 2017

Information Items

Constitutional change vote schedule

The vote process

The 4 bundled 8 resolutions

Associate General Counsel & Compliance Officer

Faculty Teaching Load Data – Communications

Health and Wellness Promotion Committee Update

Be Well Bullet Points


450 Movement Challenge

Student Evaluation of Teachers Update

SET Comm Annual Report

Faculty Grievance Committee – no report

January 26, 2017


Minutes (approved)

Welcome President Davis

Provost’s Handout


Conditional Admissions Memo

International Admissions Proposal – draft

Pathway Admissions Structure OSU example

FS President’s Asked & Answered

Action Items

FA I report on constitutional changes (see attachment in January 10th below)


Faculty Handbook Changes Chapters 1,2,4, & 6

No changes recommended:

Information Items

SSRC – probation update

Advising – graduation application process update

Monthly Committee Summary Reports November/December 2016

January 10, 2017



Provost’s Handout


FS President Asked and Answered

Action Items

Approve minutes

FS Academic Affairs Committee report – W period

Approved resolution

FA I report  on constitutional changes – notice

edited constitution


Information Items

UCA Police Department

International Engagement Update

Behavioral Intervention Plan information and Form

December 6, 2016 (moved to 11 AM during finals, was scheduled for Dec 13th)


Minutes (approved)

Provost’s Handout

FS President: Asked and Answered

FA I report update

Action Items

Approve minutes

Committee on Committees appointment

FS Faculty Affairs I Resolution (procedural changes) will be delayed

FS Faculty Affairs II (Monday or Thursday start) recommends no change (Review approved minutes for Senate position)

Faculty II Affairs Committee Report

Appendix A

Appendix B data

Appendix C

Appendix D

Resolutions (excerpts from the handbook)

Resolution for Honors College Faculty Tenure and Promotion APPROVED VERSION

Resolution joint appointments – approved, sent to Faculty Handbook.

Information Items

CFAC update on ECHO policies and procedures

University Admissions Committee Report (November 15)

Student Success and Retention Council Report (November 15)

Employee Benefits Advisory Committee Report (November 1)

November 22, 2016 (Thanksgiving meeting moved from 24th to 22nd.)



Bias Incident Report Form

Provost’s Handout

FS President:

Asked and Answered

3-year rule history

Faculty Senate resolutions 9 & 10:


The FS passed the resolutions on April 22, 2010 minutes

You’ll find the relevant passage begins on page 15 at the bottom under Section IV. B.Non-Tenurable Ranks #4 and 5 Visiting Lecturers and VAP’s.

Action Items:  (voted down. No change recommended.)

Resolution1 three year

Resolution2 three year

Information Items

Committee updates

UCA Online & CTE presents: Blackboard Shell

Child Care Survey Results

November 8, 2016



Provost’s Handout

Assurance Argument

FS President: Asked and Answered

Faculty by rank and tenure (2015) draft for feedback

Action Items

Committee on Committees Report November 8, 2016 For Vote

Unaffiliated Faculty Positions on Faculty Senate (FA I is going to work on this.)

Selection of Internal Department Chairs resolution (Not approved)

Faculty Concern Department Chairs

Information Items

FS Faculty Affairs I Committee Charge 1 Report (procedural changes)

UCA Presidential Search Update

Financial Aid Committee Report (November 15) (committee inactive, no report)

Faculty & Staff (giving) Campaign

UCA Big Event

Honors College faculty proposal

October 27, 2016 (short meeting due to visits from UCA Presidential Candidate Finalists)

Agenda shortened


Provost’s Handout

Advising info

CHBS lines

FS President: Asked and Answered

Action Items

New non-tenure track line

Unaffiliated Faculty dedicated position(s) on Faculty Senate moved to next meeting due to time

October 11, 2016



Provost’s Handout

Bullet Points

Department Data F2016

FS President: Asked and Answered

Faculty Affairs I Report

Athletics Budget

Diversity Report

Scholarship Comparison

Academic Metrics

APR used to avoid penalties

Faculty Affairs II

Academic Affairs

UCA Presidential Search Update

Core Council Report (October 1)

Graduate Council Report (October 1)

Undergraduate Council Report (October 1)

Picnic Table Locations

International Engagement & Study Abroad

Committee on Committees Report October 11, 2016

September 22, 2016


Minutes (approved)

Provost’s Handout

FS President: Asked and Answered

Faculty Load Task Force members

DRAFT Health Plan proposal

Committee on Committee appointments


UCA Master Plan

Current Capital Prioritization List

Diversity Handouts:

2016-2017 Diversity Blueprint

Fall 2016 Events

Standing Desk, Keyboard, and Mouse Details

SPARC_Annual_Report_2016 (due October 1)

International Engagement

September 13, 2016



Provost’s Handout

FS President: Asked and Answered

Athletics Concerns

Faculty Senate Committee Charges

FA I Report

ITAC Conversation to AD Concerns




From Dept of Geography

Geography 1

Geography 2 details


Honors Council/College Invitation

Student Accounts (tuition and fees), & other related Q&A.

UCA Board Policy 623 (Fee Waivers-Employees)

Student Accounts Facts Sheet

UCA Board Policy 423

Associate VP for Communications, Public Relations and Marketing: updates.

Link to: Lactation Stations

Handout on: Gender Neutral Restrooms (Being updated to reflect FS comments)

Veterans’ Day event sponsorship resolution

Veterans Resource/Minton Commuter College resolution

Committee Appointments – for FS vote

August 25, 2016

Agenda 082516

August 25, 2016 minutes 

Provost Handout

Faculty Senate President: Asked and Answered

Committee Appointments – for FS vote

X-Period = constituent meetings (collect concerns so we can set our focus for the year).

April 26, 2016 (11 AM, Finals week) (first meeting of the session)



FacultySenate_minutes_041216 (no vote)

Provost’s Handout

Admissions Report

Faculty Senate President’s Asked and Answered

Committee Reports (FYI)

Academic Assessment Committee Report 2015-2016

ITAC Committee Report 2015-2016

Elect new Faculty Senate Vice President, Parliamentarian and Secretary

Committee Appointments 4 26 2016

Resolution VAP and VL


Journalism Statement VAP VL

Writing Statement VAP VL

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 2016-2017 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

(Second Tuesday and Fourth Thursday)

April 12, 2016 (last meeting of this session)

Faculty Senate Agenda

Faculty Senate Minutes

Provost’s Handout

Distance Education Committee nominee

Coke Resolution


Student Success and Retention Council

Faculty Salary Review Committee

Addendum to FSRC (above)

Faculty Handbook Chapter 7 proposed revisions



March 24, 2016 (Spring Break optional meeting ?) March 8, 2016

Faculty Senate Agenda

Faculty Senate Minutes

Faculty Senate President’s notes

Annual Report Faculty Salary Committee

Faculty Handbook Chapter 7 proposed revisions

Faculty Affairs II Report

Faculty Affairs I Resolution (passed)

Distance Education Committee nominees

Faculty Senate Presidential Search Statement

Names put forward for Presidential search committee

Payroll Deduction Form Bears Essentials Food Pantry 2100

University of Central Arkansas Mail – Brake for Bears Signup

Documents from Athletic Committee

February 25, 2016

Faculty Senate Agenda


Provost’s Faculty Senate Handout 2-25-16

1. Faculty Affairs I Report Feb 25 2016 (Edited Feb 21)

Health and Wellness Committee nominees

Campus Climate Enrichment Survey announcement

Faculty Affairs 1 resolution (tabled due to time)

February 9, 2016



Provost’s Faculty Senate Handout 2-9-16

Athletics Committee – report to Faculty Senate

Faculty Affairs I report

FAI attachment: Faculty Handbook, Chapter 4, II. Teaching Assignments

Donaghey District Corridor

Donaghey District Map

The Village at Hendrix

Urbanization of America

Resolution: more money for picnic tables

Picnic table update

Resolution Height Adjustable Standing Desks

January 28, 2016

Agenda 01-28-16

Faculty Senate Minutes 01-28-16

Provosts Faculty Senate Handout 1-28-16

Resolution FS Vice President course reduction

Faculty Concerns: Asked and Answered

Associate VP of Communications, PR & Marketing Student Videos Wanted

Chapter 7 of the Faculty Handbook revisions (summary)

Chapter 7 of the Faculty Handbook revisions (1)

Chapter 7 of the Faculty Handbook revisions (2)

Update on Picnic Table Proposal and Map

FYI: Draft SPTF Report (out for comment)

CFAC Concern about anonymous letter

January 12, 2016

Agenda 01-12-16

Minutes 1-12-16

University Admissions Committee Faculty Senate Report

Estes Field Turf expenses

Faculty Concerns: Asked and Answered

Provost’s bullet points

Provost document on Faculty Searches

Provost document on Faculty Separations

December 8, 2015 (11 AM, Finals Week)

Agenda 12-08-15

Minutes 12-8-15

Provost bullet points 12-8-15

Salary Resolution Dec 8 2015

Reference: Faculty Salary Recommendation Fall 2015

November 26, 2015 (Thanksgiving Break, no meeting) November 10, 2015


Approved Minutes 11-10-15

Provost bullet points 11-10-15

Resolution Military Ombudsman

Resolution Part Time, Summer and Overload Pay

University Level Committee Appointments

Picnic Tables Report

Picnic Tables Product Cost

Faculty Affairs I Report Nov 9 2015

October 22, 2015 (Fall Break, no meeting) October 13, 2015


Approved Minutes 10-13-15

2015/2016 Diversity Blueprint

Provosts bullet points 10-13-15

Requests for NTT Lines Fall 2015

Graduate School and Sponsored Programs Annual Report FY2015

University Level Committee Appointments

September 24, 2015


Approved minutes 092415

Provost: Request for Faculty Reassigned Time

Provost: Supplemental Instruction (SI) Outcomes

Provost: Teaching Load Summary A

Provost: Teaching Load Details B

Faculty Concerns Answers 092415

UGC Annual Report 2014-15

UCA Core Update

University Level Committee Appointments

September 8, 2015

Agenda 090815

Approved Minutes 090815

Provost FS handouts September 8 2015

University Level Committee Appointments

Veteran’s Day Resolution

Resolution on Examination of Tuition Remission Policies

SPTF Timeline

SPTF Charge to Sub Committees 081215

SPTF Membership

August 27, 2015

Agenda 082715

Approved Minutes 082715

2015 Veteran’s Day Sponsorship Opps

2015 Veteran’s Day Committee Letter

University Level Committee Appointments

April 28, 2015


Approved Minutes 04282015

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 2015-2016 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

April 23rd, 2015

April 23rd, 2015 Minutes

April 14th, 2015


April 14th, 2015 Minutes

March 19th, 2015


March 19th, 2015 FS Minutes

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Appendix D

Appendix E

 March 10th, 2015


Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Appendix D

Appendix E

Appendix F

Appendix G

March 10th, 2015 Minutes Draft

February 26th, 2015

February 26th Agenda

February 26th Minutes

February 26th UCA online program resolution

Feb 26 2015 Academic Affairs Subcommittee Report on Attendance Policies

February 10th, 2015


Faculty Senate Minutes

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

January 22nd, 2015


Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Appendix D

Tuesday, January 22-2015 Minutes

January 13th, 2015 Agenda

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 2015 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

December 9th, 2014 Agenda Tuesday, December 9 Minutes November 11, 2014 Agenda Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes Appendix A Appendix B (searches for academic administrator positions) Appendix D Appendix E Appendix F October 23, 2014 Agenda Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes Appendix A – Provost Runge Handout Appendix B NACEP 1 Appendix C NACEP 2 Appendix D Part time salary Appendix E FS Resolution on Addition of an Unaffiliated Faculty Member to the Faculty Handbook Committee Membership October 14, 2014 Agenda Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes Appendix A Faculty Senate Provost Announcements Appendix B SPARC Annual Report 2014 Appendix C Arkansas PT Pay Appendix D Aspirant Institutions Appendix E Chair Survey Appendix F Part-Time Report Appendix G Peer Institutions PT Pay Appendix H Resolution Part-Time Pay September 25, 2014 Agenda Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes 09-25-2014 Appendix B 09-25-2014 Appendix C 09-25-2014 Appendix D Provost Runge’s Revised Response September 9, 2014 Agenda Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes August 28, 2014 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes Committee Spots For Vote August 7, 2014 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes Provost Runge Handout UCA Core Council Handout

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 2014-2015 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

July 15, 2014 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes April 29, 2014 Agenda

April 24, 2014

Agenda 04_24_2014 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes 04-08-2014 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes ATTACHMENT #1 edited Faculty Affairs I Committee 2013-2014 summary report-2 Part Time Survey Open Response Question Spring 2014 Part-Time Survey Summary Data Spring 2014-2 Rowley_CokeMoneyRequest_042414 April 8, 2014 Agenda April 8 03-11-2014 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes Draft for FS -Approved 3-14-14 General Findings of the Academic Affairs Committee regarding On Graduate Degrees and Certificates Currently Available On ITG Distance Learning Review – Final ReportOnline enrollment breakdown Proposed us of Coke Money 4-8 March 11, 2014

Agenda March 11 02-27-2014 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes 2013_2014_FacSalRevCmtReport

2013_2014_FacSalRevReport_App1 2013_2014_FacSalRevReport_App2 2013_2014_FacSalRevReport_App3 Senior Rank Tenure Letter 2.5.2014

February 27, 2014

Agenda 2-27 02-11-2014 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes 01-23-2014 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes Minutes, January 24, 2014 Core Council Amendment Resolution Gen Ed 3-19-13_1 February 11, 2014 AGENDA Feb 11; Revised 02-11-2014 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes Update01-23-2014 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes  Alternate Proposal Retention Council; Eskola Proposal Re Faculty Senate Bylaws–With Tracked Changes–January 23, 2014–Proposed Proposal from Senator Ben Rowley Options for Spending $25,000–PDF January 23, 2014 Agenda Jan 23, Student Success Council01-14-2014 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes Revised 01-23-2014 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes January 14, 2014 Agenda Jan 14; New Advisor Questions Recommended by SET; Committee University Admissions Committee Revisions11-14-2013 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 2014 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

November 14, 2013 Agenda Nov 14; 10-24-2013 Faculty Senate Minutes; New Advisor Questions Recommended by SET Committee October 24, 2013 Agenda Oct 24; COB Diversity Option; 10-08-2013 Faculty Senate Minutes; 10-10-2013 Faculty Senate Minutes; Non-DiscriminationStatement; MEMO Diversity StatementRevised-10-24-2013 Faculty Senate Minutes Called Meeting October 10, 2013 Agenda Oct10 spec meeting, CFA position recFinal 10-10-2013 Faculty Senate Minutes October 8, 2013 Agenda Oct 8Non-DiscriminationStatementMEMO; Faculty Affairs I Committee; 09-26-2013 Faculty Senate Minutes; Draft Diversity StatementFinal 10-08-2013 Faculty Senate Minutes September 26, 2013 Agenda-sept 26Resolution athleticsFinal 09-26-2013 Faculty Senate Minutes September 10, 2013 Agenda sept 10rev , Proposed Changes to UCA Strategic Plan June 2013 Clean Copy with ActionsProposed Changes to UCA Strategic Plan June 2013 Clean Copy, Proposed CHanges to UCA Strategic Plan June 2013, CoC rept 2 sept10,  Julia RequestRevised 09-10-2013 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes August 22 Agenda Aug 22Revised 08-22-2013 Faculty Senate Minutes

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 2013-2014 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

April 30, 2013 04-30-2013 Faculty Senate Minutes

April 25 (April 19)

AGENDA 4-25, Annual Report of the Faculty Handbook Committee, AAC 2012-3 summary for Fac Senate faculty senate minutes 04-25-13 ArtL April 9  (April 4) AGENDA 4-9 March 28  (March 25) AGENDA 3-28, MINUTES 3-28-2013 March 12 (March 6) AGENDA 3-12, A Resolution Commending President Courtway (opting out of permitting concealed-carry on campus) February 28 (February 25) AGENDA 2-28, MINUTES 2-28-2013, Athletics Committee report – 2-13 February 12 (February 7) AGENDA 2-12, MINUTES 2-12-2013 January 24 (January 18) AGENDA 1-24, MINUTES 12-13-2012, MINUTES 1-9-2013, MINUTES 1-24-2013, New Question Set Recommended by SET Committee, Student Rights and Responsibilities for Handbook January 9 (January 4) GEC passed Core recommendation, Edited Core MISSION STATEMENT and outcomes, hlc-uca-concerns-and-commitments

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 2013 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

December 13 (December 10) AGENDA 12-13, Harding RESOLUTION OF APPRECIATION, Proposed revision to by-laws, FHB-title-foreword-chap1, Constitution revisons, Compiled Ranking Sheet By Average Score Revised 2012 November 11 (November 6) AGENDA 11-13, MINUTES 11-13-2012 October 9 (October 4) Files – AGENDA 10-9, MINUTES 10-9-2012 September 27 (-) Files – Agenda 9-27, MINUTES 9-27-2012, Action Steps for FS FY2013, Faculty Concerns Summary for Faculty Senate Fall 2012, Faculty Senate Graduate Council Annual Report 2011-12, Graduate Productivity, Proposed Revisions to UCA Strategic PlanStrategic Goals Spread, Committee on Committees Nominations September 11 (-) Minutes 9-11-12 August 23 (August 16) Files – Agenda Faculty Senate Sub-Committees Provost Major Declaration Figures Minutes May 1 Minutes

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 2012-2013 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

August 25 (August 18) Files – Agenda Senators Meetings Sub-committees Minutes September 13 (September 6) Files – Agenda Minutes September 22 (September 15) Files – Agenda Minutes October 11 (October 4) Files – Agenda General Educ 1 General Educ 2 General Educ 3 Smart Eval 1 Smart Eval 2 Smart Evals 3 Resolution Grad Council 1 Grad Council 2 HLC Update Athletic 1 Athletic 2 Minutes HLC Report October 27 (October 19) Files – Agenda Undergrad Council BAC Minutes HLC Report Act 747 Update Minutes Undergrad November 8 (November 1) Files – Agenda Fringe Benefits Report Fringe Benefits Resolution Faculty Senate Scholar App. Minutes HLC Report November 24 (No meeting – Thanksgiving Break) December 15 @ 2 pm (December 6) Files – Agenda Admissions Com Report 1 Admissions Com Report 2 Retention Com Report Performance Funding Medical Leave Memo Medical Leave Policy Fac Handbook 1 Fac Handbook 2 Fac Handbook 3 BAC Minutes Oct BAC Minutes Nov Food Services AR Scholarship Memo AR Scholarship Numbers Safety Committee Faculty Affairs II Minutes January 26 (January 19) Agenda Greek 1 Greek 2 Salary 1 Salary 2 Salary 3 Salary 4 BAC Minutes Old Committee New Committee Minutes February 14 (February 7) Agenda Resolution Advancement Traffic & Parking Minutes February 23 (February 17) Agenda Action Steps FY13 OSU Eg. 1 OSU Eg. 2 Diversity Draft Minutes March 13 (March 6) Agenda Visiting Positions Handbook Elections Minutes April 10 (April 3) Agenda HPER Fee Handbook Resolution 1 Handbook Resolution 2 Handbook Resolution 3 SPARC Redesign Children in Workplace Adjunct Award Diversity Minutes April 26 (April 18) Agenda Gen Ed BAC minutes URC AAC SETC AIDC May 1 – 11:00 am (April 25) Agenda Handbook item


Meeting (Agenda Deadline) August 26 Agenda Minutes September 14 Agenda Minutes September 23 Agenda Minutes October 12 Agenda Minutes October 28 Agenda Minutes November 9 Agenda Minutes November 25 (Canceled: Thanksgiving> December 7 Agenda Minutes January 27 Agenda Faculty Affairs I Report Minutes February 8 Agenda Resident Masters University College Task Force Minutes February 24 Agenda, Chapter Three Reorganization, Chapter Three Resolution, Faculty Ranks Resolution, Athletic Report Minutes March 8 Agenda Minutes April 12 Agenda, Student Evaluations Report Minutes April 28 Minutes May 3 Agenda Minutes


Meeting (Agenda Deadline) May 5, 2009 (April 29) Agenda, Revenue Forecast Minutes July 13 (July 8) Agenda, Revision to Board Policy 408, Academic Budget Priorities Minutes August 27 (August 24) Agenda, University Committee Appointments Minutes September 8 (September 2) Agenda, Academic Priorities Summary, University Committee Appointments Minutes September 24 (September 21) Agenda Minutes October 13 (October 8) Agenda, Handbook Minutes (9/17/09), Handbook Resolution on P&T, Health Care Comparison, Resolution on Faculty Training Workshops Minutes October 22 (October 19) Agenda, Capital Campaign Update Minutes November 10 (November 5) Agenda, NCAA Compliance Issues, Handbook Minutes (10/2/09), Handbook Minutes (10/23/09), Handbook Resolutions on BAC and P&T Votes, Academic Integrity Policy Draft Minutes No meeting during Thanksgiving December 10, 2pm (December 7) Agenda, Academic Integrity Policy Proposal (Revised) Minutes January 12, 2010 (January 7) Meeting canceled. January 28 (January 25) Agenda, Handbook Minutes (11/3/09), Handbook Minutes (11/17/09), Handbook Minutes (12/1/09) Minutes (revised) February 9 (February 4) Meeting canceled due to weather. February 25 (February 22) Agenda, Handbook Minutes (2/2/10), Resolution on Online Student Evaluations, Report on Athletic Accommodations Minutes March 9 (March 4) Agenda, Handbook Minutes (2/16/10) Minutes April 13 (April 8) Agenda, Handbook Minutes (3/2/10), Handbook Minutes (3/16/10), FH Chapter 3 Reorganization, Handbook Resolutions, Summer Salary Report, Summer Salary Supporting Data Minutes April 22 (April 19) Agenda, Handbook Minutes (4/6/10), FHB Chapter 3 Reorganization, Handbook Resolutions (revised), Institutional Biosafety Resolution May 4, 11am (April 29) Agenda Minutes


Meeting (Agenda Deadline) August 21, 2008 Monday, August 18 Agenda Minutes September 9 Thursday September 4 Agenda Minutes September 25 Monday September 22 Agenda Minutes October 7 Thursday October 2 Agenda Minutes October 23 Monday October 20 Agenda Minutes November 11 Thursday November 6 Agenda Minutes No meeting during Thanksgiving. December 11 (2:00pm) (December 8) Agenda Minutes January 22, 2009 (January 19) Agenda Minutes February 10 (February 5) Agenda Minutes February 26 (February 23) Agenda Minutes March 10 (March 5) Agenda Minutes No meeting during Spring Break. April 14 (April 9) Agenda Minutes April 23 (April 20) Agenda Minutes


August 23, 2007 Agenda Minutes September 11 Agenda Minutes September 27 Agenda Minutes October 9 Agenda Minutes October 25 Agenda Minutes November 13 Agenda Minutes No meeting during Thanksgiving December 13 Agenda Minutes January 24, 2008



February 12



February 28



March 11

Agenda, Concurrent Enrollment Guidelines


April 8



April 24



April 29