Faculty Senate Constitution


Section 1. The Faculty Association shall include those full-time employees of the university who hold the rank of instructor, lecturer, assistant professor, associate professor, or professor and those full-time employees of the university with teaching included as a responsibility of their appointment.

Section 2. The Faculty Senate, hereinafter referred to as the senate, shall serve as the representative body of the faculty of UCA.


Section 1. Within the limitations stated in the remainder of this article, the senate shall have the responsibility to review university policies in all areas which directly pertain to the academic function of UCA, such as curriculum and standards; academic programs; faculty affairs; and continuing education.

Section 2. To facilitate timely review of policy proposals which pertain to the academic function of the university, each university standing committee shall forward copies of its minutes to the senate membership and shall make available to the senate for its review any proposals that emanate from said standing committee. The senate may call on chairs of university standing committees to discuss policy proposals that the senate may wish to review.

Section 3. The senate shall provide for representation of the faculty in matters affecting the welfare of the faculty.

Section 4. The senate shall establish such committees as it deems necessary to carry out its functions.

Section 5. The senate shall consider all matters proposed by university and senate committees, by individual faculty members, by the provost, or by the university president, if placed on its agenda.

Section 6. The senate shall serve as the faculty committee on committees for the selection of faculty members on all university standing committees.


Section 1. The senate shall consist of ex officio and elected members as follows:

A. Ex Officio: Provost

B. Ex Officio: (For purposes of this paragraph “part-time faculty” means “part-time employees of the university with teaching included as a responsibility of their appointment.”) One part-time faculty member of the university elected by the part-time faculty of the university. This shall be a non-voting member except on issues that directly affect the part-time faculty of the university as determined by the president of the Faculty Senate.

C. Elected

1. College Senators: Three (3) Faculty Association members from each academic college of the university shall be elected by a secret ballot of the Faculty Association of the respective colleges in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.

2. At-Large Senators: Six (6) Faculty Association members shall be elected by a vote of the entire Faculty Association.

Section 2. No more than two senators shall be from any single department and no more than two chairs shall be elected from each college. No administrator at the assistant dean or above level shall be eligible to be elected.

Section 3. Elected senators shall serve for a term of three years and vacancies shall be filled by senate appointment until the next regularly scheduled election. However, no person shall serve more than two successive full terms.

Section 4. Each group of senators is divided into three classes, such that within each group, one of the three classes is elected each year.

Section 5. Vacancies for senate positions shall be filled each year in two stages. By April 1, the faculty shall elect by secret ballot two senators to fill the vacancies caused by the expiration of the terms of one class of senators and shall fill other vacancies as may be required. Subsequent to the election of the at-large senators, but no later than April 30, each college shall elect by secret ballot one senator to fill the vacancy caused by the expiration of the term of one class of senators and shall fill other vacancies in the ranks of college senators as may be required.

Section 6. The term of office for newly elected senators shall begin on May 1.


Section 1. The officers of the senate shall be as follows: president; vice president who shall serve as president-elect; secretary-treasurer; and parliamentarian.

Section 2. Eligibility for election to an office shall be restricted to elected members of the  senate.

Section 3. The term of office for any senate officer shall be one year or until a successor has been chosen and qualified.

Section 4. The officers of the senate shall be elected by vote of the elected members of the senate before May 15 each year.

Section 5. The president of the senate shall be eligible for reassigned time as approved by the provost, so that the functions of the office may be properly carried out. The secretary- treasurer shall notify the provost of the name of the person selected as senate vice president (president-elect) so that any necessary schedule planning may be effected.

Section 6. The president and vice president of the senate shall serve as members of the  Budget Advisory Committee.


Section 1. The senate shall hold regularly scheduled meetings each month of the academic year.

Section 2. The senate may be called into special session by the president of the senate or by request of a majority of the senate.

Section 3. Any faculty member may attend any regular or special session of the senate and may participate in its deliberations with the consent of the presiding officer. Only senate members shall be eligible to propose a motion or to vote.

Section 4. A quorum for any meeting of the senate shall consist of a majority of the members.

Section 5. The rules of parliamentary procedure contained in Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised shall govern the proceedings of the senate, subject to such special rules as may be adopted by the senate.


Section 1. An amendment to this constitution may be proposed at any regular meeting of the  senate by a majority vote of the membership, provided a copy of the proposed amendment has been presented to each member in attendance at the immediately preceding meeting.

Section 2. Any amendment proposed by the senate shall be submitted to a vote of the faculty. Each faculty member shall be notified at least two weeks in advance of such a vote and at the time be furnished with a copy of the proposed amendment.

Section 3. Any proposed amendments to the Constitution which are submitted by the Faculty Senate to the Faculty Association for a vote will be submitted for such a vote (by secret, written ballot) at elections during one regular workday; the elections shall be held in the office of the Faculty Association members’ respective college deans under the supervision of the Faculty Senate; absentee voting shall be conducted on the two working days preceding the election day under the supervision of the Faculty Senate President.

Section 4. In order for an amendment to pass and thus become a part of the constitution, over half of the faculty association members must vote and a proposed amendment must receive “do pass” from at least two-thirds of those voting. Ratified August 20, 1990.


Section 1. This constitution, after approval by a majority of the membership of the faculty council, shall be submitted to faculty at a called meeting. At least fourteen calendar days before that meeting, the council shall provide each member of the faculty with a copy of this constitution.

Section 2. This constitution shall be considered ratified upon approval by a majority of the faculty members present at the called meeting, by the university president, and by the Board of Trustees of UCA.