Faculty Senate Committees

2017-2018 Faculty Senate Committees

Committee on Committees (2017-18):

Chair: Rahul Mehta, President-Elect of Faculty Senate

Members (1 each academic college + 1 unaffiliated):

  • Becky Bogoslavsky, Unaffiliated (UC)
  • Kim Eskola, CHBS
  • Roger Pauley, CLA
  • Anthony McMullen, COB
  • Krista Peppers, CNSM
  • Candice Barnes, COE
  • Polly Walter, CFAC

Charge: Identify faculty interested to serve on university level committees as appropriate and submit those names to the Faculty Senate. Work with academic colleges  and unaffiliated faculty to fill other vacancies on university level committees. Work with the Faculty Handbook Committee on any inconsistencies in committees.

Academic Affairs Committee (2017-18):

Chair: Duston Morris, CHBS (elected by the committee)


  • Julia Winden Fey, At Large 1 (CLA)
  • Steve Forbush, At-Large 2 (CHBS)
  • Roger Pauley, (CLA)
  • Jane Dahlenberg, (CFAC)
  • Vance Lewis, (COB)
  • Krista Peppers, (CNSM)
  • Rhonda McClellan, (COE)

Charge 1: Instructional IT – Work with peer review Process

Charge 2: Assess advising best practices; evaluate peer and aspirant institutions for faculty advising training, and advising structures.

Faculty Affairs I Committee (2017-18):

Chair: Phillip Spivey, (CLA) (elected by the committee)


  • Kim Eskola, At-Large 1 (CHBS)
  • Shoudong Feng, (COE)
  • Denise Demers, (CHBS)
  • Jeff Padberg, (CNSM)
  • Anthony McMullen, (COB)
  • Katherine Willis, (CLA)
  • Jen Talbot, (CFAC)

Charge 1: Assessment of Non TT lines

Faculty Affairs II Committee (2017-18):

Chair: Lynn Burley, CLA (elected by the committee)


  • Polly Walter, (CFAC)
  • Candice Barnes, (COE)
  • Thomas Lowder, (CHBS)
  • George Bratton, (CNSM)
  • Amber Wilson, At-Large 1 (Lib)
  • Becky Bogoslovsky, At Large (UC)
  • David McCalman,  (COB)

Charge 1: Committee Restucturing