Faculty Senate Committees

2019-2020 Faculty Senate Committees


Executive Committee (2019-2020)


  • Candice Barnes (COE)
  • Jen Talbot (CFAC)
  • Katherine Willis (CLA)
  • Thomas Lowder (CHBS)

Charge 1:

The Executive Committee consists of the Faculty Senate President, President-Elect, Parliamentarian, and Secretary. The Executive Committee shall make assignments to the other Faculty Senate Committees, serve as an advisory body to the Faculty Senate President, propose recommendations for the Senate’s consideration, propose amendments to the Faculty Association Constitution, and make recommendations on the by-laws of the Faculty Senate.

Committee on Committees (2019-2020):

Chair: Jen Talbot, VP/President-Elect of Faculty Senate

Members (1 each academic college + 1 unaffiliated):

  • Amber Wilson, (Unaffiliated)
  • Steve Forbush, (At-Large)
  • Roger Pauly, (CLA)
  • Anthony McMullen, (COB)
  • Bernard Chen, (CNSM)
  • Deborah Dailey, (COE)
  • John Gale, (CFAC)
  • Thomas Lowder, (CHBS)

Charge 1:

Identify faculty interested to serve on university level committees as appropriate and submit those names to the Faculty Senate. Work with academic colleges  and unaffiliated faculty to fill other vacancies on university level committees. Work with the Faculty Handbook Committee on any inconsistencies in committees.

Academic Affairs Committee (2019-2020):

Chair: Anthony McMullen  (elected by the committee)


  • Amber Wilson, (Unaffiliated)
  • LaVona Traywick (CHBS)
  • Roger Pauley (CLA)
  • Cokey Allen (CFAC)
  • Anthony McMullen (COB)
  • Bernard Chen (CNSM)
  • Deborah Dailey (COE)
  • Phillip Spivey (CLA)

Charge 1:

Develop guidelines for expenditure of Faculty Senate funds to ensure funds are vetted based on regulatory rules and fits within the scope of the Faculty Senate’s mission. (This is a carry-over charge from the 2018-2019 academic year.)

Charge 2: To research and analyze information related to ongoing concerns about the depth and substantiveness of our practices and policies related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and to make recommendations to the university administration for improvements or enhancements.

Faculty Affairs I Committee (2019-2020):

Chair: Krista Peppers (elected by the committee)


  • David Keith (At-Large)
  • Rachelle Miller (COE)
  • Thomas Lowder (CHBS)
  • Krista Peppers (CNSM)
  • David McCalman (COB)
  • Phillip Spivey (CLA)
  • Brantley Douglas (CFAC)
  • Carl Olds (Unaffiliated)

Charge: Research and make recommendations to the Faculty Senate regarding the development of a comprehensive system to evaluate teaching effectiveness that is not limited to student course evaluations. (This is a carry-over from 2018-2019 academic year.) Chair: Thomas Lowder

Charge: To develop a Faculty Senate mission statement that the body can consider and adopt by the end of the fall 2019 semester. Chair: Krista Peppers

Faculty Affairs II Committee (2019-2020):

Chair: Vance Lewis (elected by the committee)


  • John Gale (CFAC)
  • Charlotte Green (COE)
  • Denise Demers (CHBS)
  • Krista Peppers (CNSM)
  • Brent Shires (At-Large)
  • Cindy Lea Unaffiliated (Honors)
  • Vance Lewis  (COB)
  • Roger Pauley (CLA)

Charge 1:  To research the recent change in UCA’s Carnegie Classification and submit a report on the background and rationale for the change and its implications for faculty; to generate recommendations for the Assignment of Instructional Duties working group and for the administration.