Faculty Concerns

Faculty may submit their concerns to any senator at any time in writing. The senator will then bring that concern to the Faculty Senate. Faculty may also submit concerns to the executive committee through the Google Form linked below. All concerns submitted through this form will be reviewed in a timely manner by the Faculty Senate executives and directed to the appropriate senator(s), subcommittee(s), and/or other campus bodies.

Concerns presented at Faculty Senate meetings will be recorded in the minutes, along with any discussion, in the same fashion, regardless of whether presented by a senator or by the executives from the Google Form.

Faculty Senate understands that there will be situations where a constituent wants to remain anonymous in submitting a concern. It is possible to do so through the Google Form, but constituents should be aware that their name may be revealed in the process of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. The Google Form instructions provide more detail on this.

In all cases, please remember that civil, inclusive, and respectful discourse are important in precipitating change. Thank you for engaging with us in the shared governance process.

Constituent Concern Google Form