Early Field & Junior Block

Early field experiences involve activities done outside of class time to enhance the content being taught in that course.   It can include observing in a classroom setting, tutoring students, reading to students, attending a school board meeting, interviewing teachers, volunteering in a community agency such as a Boys and Girls Club, or working with special needs children in a supervised setting.  If a course has a required field experience component, it will be listed clearly in the course syllabus.

Arkansas Mandated Reporter Training

Students in courses that are identified as having an early field component are required to complete the Arkansas Mandated Reporter training annually. Students will receive a certificate of completion at conclusion of the 60-90 minute course. A copy of this certificate should be kept to show proof of completion to instructors.

Click here to access the Arkansas Mandated Reporter training. 

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Elementary & Special Education

Jr. Block Field Handbook

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Middle Level & Secondary Education

Early Field Experience Attendance and Evaluation Form