STEMulate Engineering Academy Held June 7-10

STEMulate Engineering Academy was held at UCA’s College of Education from June 7-10. There were 65 (Grades 3-5) campers in attendance. The campers solved problems using the engineering design process and used digital design with 3D printing to create prototypes of products used to solve the problems. Instructors for the camp were students in the Gifted and Talented program: Jenna Spikes, Lindsey Ashcraft, Amber Peck, Tristen Dixon, Elizabeth Corey, and Lauren Kovach. Helpers in the camp included: Alex Moore, Chloe Cotabish, and Allen Nguyen. Drs. Debbie Dailey, Alicia Cotabish, and Jason Trumble, faculty in the Department of Teaching and Learning, directed the camp.

Dr. Trumble was instrumental in bringing digital design to the camp. Dr. Nykela Jackson assisted the camp instructors in writing the curriculum and helped in the camp logistics. The camp is partially funded by Kimberly Clark Corporation. Throughout the week, Kimberly Clark engineers (13 in total) provided opening presentations to the students on what it is like to be an engineer. The engineers included: Coral Abreu, Tom Buchanan, Bryan Cosnahan, Dennis Cotabish, Taylor Dewitt, Bill Nelson, Amy Neumeier, Hitesh Patel, Michael Ray, Jonathan Stewart, Kyle Wurdack, and Chris Bourdrie (Plant Manager).

STEMulate Academy