College of Education Graduate, Jessica Herring, Spokesperson for Common Core

Jjessica_herringessica Herring, UCA middle level education graduate and seventh-grade English teacher at Benton Middle School, and two of her students, Ethan Tallent and Blakeley Fiedler, are featured on the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) web page in videos of their speeches to highlight the benefits of Common Core State Standards at the State Board of Education meeting held February 14, 2014.  Articulate and passionate, Herring well represents Benton Middle School and the UCA College of Education.

Herring supports Common Core through her blog Wisdom from the Middle, which drew the attention of ADE Commissioner Tom Kimbrell, who invited Herring to share her ideas and writings to help ADE work through some of the negative issues that have risen on CCSSs.  The Benton School District School Board honored Herring during their January meeting.  In a letter to Superintendent Jeff Collum, Kimbrell said “The Benton School District is very fortunate to have this young teacher working in your district for the children. I find it inspiring that we do have young teachers tackling the tough issues.”

Jessica honored by Benton Superintendent

Jessica Herring honored by Benton School District Superintendent Jeff Collum at January board meeting.